Is Da_Taxman still the feared evil moderator/admin?



After the recent developments around Da_Taxman (we know his weakness now :stuck_out_tongue: ) … do you still fear our evil moderator/admin!!!

Well do you?


Who’s DA Taxman???:confused:

No, he’s doing his job and if you handle conform to the rules you have nothing to frear.

can someone post the link to our warez forum:p


Give the Guy a BREAK for heaven’s sake…he talks to me…big deal…so does code and Kenny…

whats the big deal with …banning people…and post counts…

just come on out with it…whats the deal…

we know…your secretly in love with TAX…and now your jealous cause his love intrest in you is fading…get on with it…Debro still wants you…

<<<<<<<<that post was just …nonsense …not meant to be serious or taken that way >>>>>>



I thought you wouldn’t tell that to anyone! :a :frowning: :a

Btw, debro doesn’t want me anymore after he found out of you and me. :smiley:


I told you…i will NOT take His sloppy seconds… :a


aah to be loved and fought over :slight_smile:
Best of luck to the Taxman :slight_smile:


i dont fear Da_Taxman… i only fear myself;)


Votes until now:

  • Yes, don’t hurt me Mr. Tax voted by Da_Taxman
  • Yes, but only if he bans 1 moderator/admin and 20 newbie’s NOW without blinking his eyes voted by Kenshin
  • No, I will always remember him as the little obeying puppy of Sexy_Southerner votes: 4
  • The voices in my head tell me to fear anyone ……………… hides vote by Airhead

Isn’t that pathetic. The only vote for “Yes, don’t hurt me Mr. Tax” comes from … Tax himself.

Kenny voted for the ban 1 mod/admin and 20 newbies NOW … why doesn’t that surprise me. :bigsmile:
4 votes for the obeying puppy … your reputation is screwed Tax. :cool:

How are the voices Airhead? How many at the moment?

I put that option there just for you :wink:


Aren’t we all someone’s sloppy seconds once we engage in a (new) relationship :wink:

Is what we do called ‘talking’ these days… :bigsmile:


shakes head


Things changed when you were gone. :stuck_out_tongue:


I see that.

saw her picture, I don’t know if you guys have been to California in the summer, but there ya pretty much go.


She’s nice, but that pretty much covers it. :iagree:


Wait a minute. She’s a real user? Not some bot or 3rd account by some weird admin? Amazing! :eek:


They are fine thank you.
Only two or three now.

Shut up you. But he ask… NO QUIET!


You just spoiled Tax’s cover. :wink:


If that’d be true i expect a ban the moment he’s at home :slight_smile:

/me could spill some other covers and defenitely set hell loose of course (Wicked evil grin)


I think when he posted the photo, looking very friendly and professional, it kind of did for the evil, mean image he had :wink:


We need camcorder-based chatting.


i like see da_taxman ironing :stuck_out_tongue: