Is Cyberdefender a good antivirus prog?

So, in the past 2 months, I’ve gotten a couple a viruses even thow I have AVG installed on my system and Norton Anti-Virus both loaded by my brother-in-law. Now I’m going to buy an anti-virus program cause I want to make sure I get something that is good - free is not always better. So, so far I have loked at PC tools and Cyberdefender; both seem very good.

I do enjoy the complete package of Cyberdefender, covering anti-virus, id theft protect, spyware and trojans. So, PC Tools has a good use interface, but they’re just not as good on the fron end, it seems.

I know that the Cyberdefender is Nasdaq and is pulicly traded, but is it any goodl>

Thanks for the help.

  1. Never run two AV’s at the same time.
    Keep the BIL away from your machine :bigsmile:

  2. Don’t know anything about Cyber Defender other than it is not in the top tier of AV’s
    Found this :

  3. I would recommend ESET NOD32 as arguably the best all-around AV available today.
    High detection rates and very low system resource hit.

Be sure to clean out all remnants of your previous AV’s, especially Norton as it embeds deeply.

First and foremost rule:

  1. Never let anyone install software on you computer cause they will never fix what they cause to go wrong. They are no expert on computer. Just like the responder say tell the BIL to take a hike and mess around with his own computer not yours since he won’t pay for any damages to your computer or repairs it will need.
  2. Never have two A/V running they will cancel each other and the virus and malware will have a safe computer to run from.
  3. Get rid of Norton it’s a waste and hog on memory and plus it worthless. Get the Norton cleaner and dump that waste of program.
  4. AVG works well just maintain it’s virus update list.
  5. I never let one program alone do all the protection - why cause all in one means you left out critical programing that could be left for a program just to protect from Virus and one to just scan for malware. Separate program to do separate jobs will better serve your needs so your not running into in case the main program fails then everything else that is runs will also fail to work. That why it’s better to have program just for that protection to do only that protection.

If you want to pay for it I’ve had very good luck with Kaspersky Internet Security even on win7. They also constantly update and as far as I know have a pretty low footprint on system resources. Somebody is always having a sale on it but be careful of the rebates, have had issues with that part before.
Haven’t had any nasties get through since I dumped Norton and switched over after Norton let something through without even detecting it:a