Is CS0P the last 1653S FW?

I think i found the best firmware for my 1633.
it’s the CS09 omnipatched with:

  • 16x readspeed
  • ledfix
  • burn speed hack for mcc004 max at 8x

now i get great mcc004 burns, and alread great mcc003 burns, reading DVD+R is linear up to 16x with no problems, and i am happy with everything…

unless a new great 1653 firmware is released, i will stick with my CS09.

I agree ,If you use at most the mcc004 media-I have also check it.
Unfortunately the lack of ability burn well the DVD-R media,and less media total codes,make this firmware outdated.


is it possible to save a burn stategy from one firmware and patch it to an other :rolleyes:

I think that’s the purpose of the quality patch am I right?

Very good news! :clap:

No. This is not possible with the Liteon firmware.

The quality patch uses OPC recalibrate (WOPC) to allow the drive to adjust to the media, during the burn, like a lot of the other drives use.

As a realtive newbie, I’m curious about the details of how WOPC works. How does the drive perform a recalibration? Why is it more meaningful than other previous recalibrations?

It was my weak understanding that there is some part of the media near the spindle which is reserved for OPC. Is this the area used by the WOPC process–which would only seem to compensate for ‘warming’ of the laser and the resulting power output
‘drift’ with time. Or is the calibration being done ‘inline’ and something is done so that the sectors are later ignored–like some of the copy protection tricks. This technique would seem to compensate for changes in the laser output and changes in the media. but, you’d lose some capacity–probably so little as to not matter, though.

For the curious among us, how does this work? Thanks for everything!

Μy expectations on my previous post thoughts,are realized unofficial