Is CS0P the last 1653S FW?

With the latest 1693S and the upcoming 1635S I am wondering if liteon will offer us an other FW for the 1653S.
I couldn’t stand this drive a few month ago, but with the latest FW it has become a good drive.
Has anyone heard of a new FW being tested somewhere on earth?

If this drive follow the fate of 1633 I don’t think :a

The only way to upgrade 1633S is CODEKING’s work :bow: , so probably will be the same with 1653S (but it’s only my opinion: I’m very disappointed with liteon after their abandon of 1633 users)

i asked oc-freak a week ago and even he hasn’t heard about a new firmware.
since CS0M and now CS0P my drive is very good. sony’s BYX4 is good, too.

let’s hope for a new one to make our drives better. i’m thinking about a new writer, maybe a benq or nec.

There is a lot of new media code lately… You can see them in the latest 1693 firmware. If liteon doesnot enable us to burn the latest media codes with a less then 1 yrs old drive… it just mean what some people think: they sucks!!!

but other manufacturers stop releasing new firmwares when new drives get reeased. they’re all the same, they want you to buy always the newest drive if you need new features/media support etc… without the codeguys i wouldn’t have bought my sony dru710a. the stock firmwares suck so much that the first disc i burnt was unreadable in my standalone.

I agree that Liteon keeps updating the firmware quite frequently. Some manufacturers just stop everythings once the product got released. I don’t think it makes sense to ask for a life-long firmware upgrade. As Liteon drive costs much less than other brand already.

Finally, don’t forget that we have c0deKing :slight_smile:

Over the next few weeks I will be working on a quality patch for the 1653S. I really have no idea how much success I will have but initial tests look promising. To make it work I need to find some routines in the firmware, but unfortunately, like the LED routines, they wont be easy to find. So if you don’t see me around as much, you’ll know what I’m doing ;).

sounds great! hopefully you’ll find the routines as soon as possible. and if you need a volunteer for a test firmware, you know how to contact me :wink:

Ok, let’s wait and see!!!

@ all,
in the CS0P thread someone told me that liteon has a newer firmware with better mcc004 support, i don’t know if this is true or no !!!

what kind of quality patch?
i would be glad to test on mcc004 media, if this is what yuou mean with quality patch.

a quality patch like CGxx firmware for the 832s.

what does that CGxx quality patch do? i don’t know…

csom actully works better for me :wink: :slight_smile:

info text from cgxx readme:

Code Guys CGxx Firmware

CGxx stands for:
CG Code Guys firmware
x1 Code Guys version number (0…9, A…Z)
x2 Base version number (B for VS0B, E for VS0E, etc.)

Versions marked with “sonyid” have the drive name changed to match that of the Sony DRU-700A and are not based on the Sony VYxx firmwares. Aside from the difference in the drive name, the “sonyid” versions are identical to the regular versions. These “sonyid” versions can be useful if you have locked OEM software that will work only if your drive bears the Sony name.

This firmware has been design to improve the quality of burns when using +R, -R, +RW and -RW media. It uses a stepped recalibrate that stops the burn periodically to recalibrate, which means shorter periods where the drive has to maintain the correct optical power control. This same technique can be seen in the NEC 3500AG. Results now show that this firmware can produce results equal to and sometimes better than the NEC 3500AG.

This firmware will not be the fastest firmware for your drive. You have to decide whether you want speed or quality. In saying that this firmware can burn 8x media almost a minute faster than the NEC 3500AG.

This firmware is not designed to allow you to overclock you media past the manufactures rating. In fact it requires you to use your media at the limits imposed by this firmware. Changing the write speeds of media in this firmware will seriously limit the firmwares capabilities to improve quality. However should you decide to overclock media anyway, this firmware will still perform better than VSxx firmware.

The drive’s light will blink orange more often during the burn and some additional PIF spikes are inevitable on some drives, due to the relinking after the recalibrate.
The +R recalibrate stops at 3GB on 8x burns to avoid read errors on some drives that don’t relink well past this point. -R appear to link better than +R so it will continue to recalibrate to the end of the burn.

Stock firmware media changes:
RICOHJPNR01 changed from 4x to 8x

for more information ask c0deking.

Hope too.
-1673/1693 drives are different than 1653 in hardware ,but 1633/1653 drives are more famous in total market sales this moment (and 1653 is last of this same hardware line) -In compination with the point that 16x media stiil need quality burn firmware,i think will see 1-2 firmwares more.

-Untill now ,I have seen ,firmware period release between 1673/93 and older 1653 is more 1 month-So if it’s logical thought, at least (cause summer time) at early September will be new firmware for 1653

-RICOHJPNR01 changed from 4x to 8x means change strategy or overspeed?
When change strategies , how this firmware maybe works?-Does someone know if suggest it ? (from past drives experience)

Most of the media codes added to JS0B/KS09 are not new. Rather, they’re mostly obscure codes that LiteOn hadn’t bothered with adding in the past.

liteon may (i’m 99% sure) stopped support for 3s-v1 drives so i don’t think there will be any new firmwares. they don’t care about these “old” drives anymore.

Hi all , one question how many times can change my firmware …coz i found that my DW -D22 (sony ) burning DVD DL better with BYX4 than CSOP ,BUT , But CSOP burning better smaller media like 4.7GB Verbatim no problem , but problem with BYX4

so that’s why i’m asking how many times can i change my Firmware ?? thx

you can reflash as often as you want. you surely get a new drive before you reach the limit.