Is cooling necessary measurment for NEC DVD-RWs?

Yesterday in Bulgaria was about 40 degrees C* and i found out that my 3520 got really hot when copying few dvds without any stopping,when i put my arm at the bottom of the NEC it was HOT,what was more right in the middle i can’t even held my hand.Should a 80mm case fan be placed at the bottom?

Getting rid of heat from your system can be a problem. If you have several drives in your system. the heat can get trapped at the top of the case and the drives can get very hot.
I’ve found a case with a top exhaust is very effective at keeping your drives running cool. But these cases are expensive. My own case has 6 drives and they all run fairly cool, even with this hot weather we are having at the moment.

Hot weather in Scotland ? :slight_smile:
At 40 degrees C air temperature you should not burn one DVD after the other.

Dee-27,as you can see in my signature,my pc is hardly overclocked,almost everything without the HDD :bigsmile: ,i have server case with 1 front 120mm TT Thunderblade,2 back 80mm fans,1 120mm fan on the Fortron PSU.I have another 80mm on the side cover but now it’s not plugged.I’m not worried about my home pc,but the one in my work.

I don’t expect Scotland will ever reach 40c, but we do have some very warm weather during the summer. Last weekend we had 29c. Normal for this time of year would be a pleasant 23c - 25c rising to around 25c - 27c early August, but this year the long range forecast is for very warm weather during August, perhaps into the mid 30’s.
If this comes true we might need to think about installing some A/C systems :slight_smile:

29? 40? heck it was 95 here today… you guys are wimps.

I’d love to see you in 95 C weather. :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, your 95 F is only 35 C, so the guy with 40 has you beat, unless you can hit 105 or higher…

Personally, I prefer 293… Kelvin. :wink:

I think he means celcius not fahrenheit.

The Heat Index (Temp plus Humidity)(what it feels like if no humidity) was 108 F today here, but in my house was
a cool 70 F. I live for A/C.

I run a stand alone unit just for my computer room, even though I have central air.

I think I am going to cry when I get that electric bill though.


I think I might beat RaHzElChO, my temperatre over here is 42c…
I’ve been dealing with this weather for like two weeks now, I have two 80 x 80 x 25mm fans dedicated to my drives which are keeping them quite cool. I saw that one worked great for my two HDD’s keeping them really cool, so I ordered some more and hooked them up. :bigsmile:

Btw, no A/C… got mysteriously busted last year in summer. :sad:

Dee, that Thermaltake Armor VA8000 Series looks very cool and similar to your case. The aluminium silver is USD175+19 shipping at newegg and the black steel is USD160+19 shipping. Hmmm… [thinking to get one]. :eek:

Here in BG you can get Chieftec Server Case,great case indeed,for about 100$ without PSU,Thermaltake cases haven’t been imported since 2 years.Cases like Antec,Foxconn could be found too but the middle salary is 200$,imagine how you can buy such case with 400W PSU (Fortron for example) and all this costs 160$,so what will you eat or how you will pay your expenses!?No way,we should save 3-4 months for such case…so stupid.

I’m thinking of buying such a Thermaltake case overhere in The Netherlands. It will costs me 159 Euro + shipping costs. See link here (Dutch):

wow, i go trolling and no one bites. you people are waaaay to polite. where are the know-it-all nooobies? i was spoiling for a “discussion” here :iagree:

isn’t 40c (104 in real degrees) pretty warm for bulgaria?

–Azrael in Dogma
No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater… than central air.

If you want to see heat you should come to Greece these days. It has 40 C for 4 days now. I have come across 4 failed HD drives the last days. Allthough optical drives seem to handle heat much better (they don’t work all the time afterall). The worst thing is that because of the A/C systems and their HUGE power drain (every house has 2 or 3 of them) the power lines has lower voltage (I measured once 170V!!!) and so much noise that many PCs can’t boot no matter what.

As some of you know,Bulgaria and Greece are neighbours,but i think in Greece is hotter than here.
Now something interesting,could heat be reason for faulty recordings?

CD and DVD recorders measure the temperature inside the drive while recording and if it rises above a limit it lowers the recording speed. I don’t know what happens if the temperature rises even higher. Maybe it pauses the recording and waits to cool down. It could be the reason for recordings that take too much time. These days I try not to write disks during the day when it’s very hot. When it isn’t something urgent I burn it during the night when the thermometer shows 30 C.

43 today in portugal…and my cpu went to 80º.
but i burnt about 7 dvds fine in my nec3500(while burning the 8th, the pc rebooted)

Arizona is d@mn hot.
Car thermometer pic:

No NEC overheating issues found here, although I keep my place nice and cool with AC.
(and definitely not in the car! ) :slight_smile: