Is Clonedvd work with Verbatim DL 8.5 2.4x?


I will buy some VErbatim DVD+R 8.5 DL and i want to know if this media work well with Clonedvd… if not, can i use dvdshrink? :o

thx :bow:

I used a Verbatim DVD+R DL with Clonedvd without any problem. I just can’t afford to buy a lot of this media until the price comes down.

Agreed! Very expansive but i want try it…now!
In canada, i can buy it for 12.99$ each… ouch!

thx for the quick reply!

$29.99 at Best Buy in USA for a 3 pack. Ouch is right in Canada Newegg has a sale on it i believe with a re-bate. Can you order from > Chrisz?

Hi,All has verbatim 3 pack double layer media for $26.00 + fedex saver shipping $2.99.With $10.00 mail in rebate from verbatim.Final cost $16.00 :iagree:

Just use DVD decrypter for backups to DL media. I have used Verbatim and Datasafe DL discs to backup DVDs with no problems at all.

Damn it! the 10$ rebate (newegg) is just offer to U.S. residents only !
I have found a 3-pack for 36.99$CAD at Future - best price in Canada for now…


Hi Chrisz,

You are in Canada.
If nearby Montreal, you can get Ritek DL (2.4X) at $9.00 ea. tax free :cop:
in the Indian reservation.

CDN$9.00 = US$7.40 (approx.) Again, tax free… :cop: :iagree:

I am not sure they ship(?) :confused:


I use for all my media purchases. Great prices, fast delivery, and fantastic selection. While I have not tried any DL media, does sell it.


I use Blankmedia as well. I use DVDDecrypter to rip to hard drive and DVDShrink to make an ISO image of main movie only, then burn the ISO using DVDDecrypter. I use mostly Verbatim 8x DVD+R printables at 12x and use an Epson R200 to print the inserts and the discs (I get my DVD cases from Blankmedia as well). Email me if you wish other info Cantley.


here in Germany, today i bought 2 DVD+R DL 2.99 € each.