Is CloneDVD too awesome?!

I’m a fairly new to DVD writing, but I’ve been religiously trying out all of the backup software but nothing beats CloneDVD2. The program beats every other one handsdown when it comes to transcoding. I mean, using CloneDVD and AnyDVD I can backup a disk from the start of transcoding to the finished backup in about 20 minutes! This is with a Nu Tech DDW-163 burning at 12x on Ridata 8x disks with a Pentium 2.4c and 513 megs of RAM and about 70-80% on the compression meter.

I’ve been reading about people using encoders like CCE and transcoders like DVDCopy (apparenty the best transcoder). BUT they take forever, for negligible improvements in results! Check the nice review at They couldn’t see differences unless they magnified the stuff at 300% in most cases (and those diffs were small). I’m not a videophile and my TV is not exceptionally large so I can’t see ANY difference. Does this debate only exist for those rich videophiles who sit six inches in from of their 54 inch LCD screens.

Also, I’ve seen some people using up to 5 different pieces of software to do the same thing you can do with Clone in 2 minutes. Why are some people making it so difficult? Should I be spending hours studying different proggies and working through a million steps? I feel guilty…

Am I blind for not seeing a difference in 20 minute backup with CloneDVD2 opposed to a dramatically longer trans/encode with other software. And isn’t that way too fast to make a backup? I must be screwing up somewhere…

I need less then 40 minutes (including burning) to backup a 90min movie.

It’s just THE TOOL for making backups man!!


I use CloneDVD and AnyDVD because it’s simple, fast, and reliable.
I don’t use any software that analizes the burn, if it looks good to my eyes I could give a s$$t less how many spikes or drops there are in the burn.
Life is complicated enough, I’m not seeking perfection, just wanna kick my shoes off and watch a movie that plays to the end without problems, CloneDVD offers me that.
But that’s only my sentiments, others will strive for perfection, and that’s OK, just not for me.

My sentiments exactly. I can understand people wanting perfection, but most of these multi-tool methods take too long and are too difficult for the same or worse results. I just want new people to read this so that they don’t waste their time testing all the other proggies. These other programs take forever and DON’T improve the transcode/encode to a NORMAL persons eye.

CloneDVD/AnyDVD is THE fastest method with equal results to the rest besides maybe copy DVD (long processing time for a tiny improvement but easy to use and versatile) and CCE/DVDRebuilder (you gotta know what you’re doing/takes time to encode, need extra software to burn…again improvement is negligible to the normal eye).

If you want free, go with DVD Decrypter/DVD Shrink because I think that’s the only free alternative. You can also go with DVD Decrypter/CloneDVD for a cheaper alternative but requires more temp hard-drive space :slight_smile:


I have used the DvD decrypter :bow: /Clone dvd :bow: combo. for quite some time and have found it to be a very quick & thus far 100% successful, user friendly method of backing up my dvd’s. I love Clone dvd because it gives max. control over what is finally selected to be burnt to disc. :smiley:

I missed something here. I let ANY DVD expire since saw no use for it. Can’t just re-install, I tried. But CLONE DVD trial now can’t backup a new DVD I just bought because of CSS.

Was ANY DVD running first the reason backup worked before on my other DVD’s?

I’m ready to buy, but don’t know what I need.

Tips please.

AnyDVD gets rid of the CSS - that’s why CloneDVD won’t work now.

you can use the free DVD Decryptor in place of AnyDVD - it just won’t work in the background of CloneDVD (i.e. you must write the decrypted files to your HD then use CloneDVD to transcode those files to fit on a single-layer DVD).

drpino… Your reply solves part of my problem. Thank you!
I now zero-in on buying the ANY DVD + CLONE DVD + CLONECD bundle for $78 from Elby.

Ideas please?

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

i’ve never used AnyDVD since the free DVD Decryptor works fine for me.

i did the trial of CloneDVD and found it virtually identical to DVDShrink (free too).

i used CloneCD a LONG time ago (years) when it was still free - haven’t used it lately though.

sorry i can’t provide you with any better feedback - i suggest reading up on these 3 programs here at CDFreaks, comparing them with other apps (sometimes free) that do exaclty the same things, and then factoring in things like time, ease of use, interoperability, and cost and you’ll come to your own conclusions.

best of luck.

p.s. sorry to hijack the thread, but he IS still asking about CloneDVD :stuck_out_tongue:

drpino… Your reply solves part of my problem. Thank you!
I now zero-in on buying the ANY DVD + CLONE DVD + CLONECD bundle for $78 from Elby.

Ideas please?

Sounds like a great buy to me! :slight_smile:

Software like this is great - fast,simple and works well.

It does not impress the quality police but no one gives a shit what they think.

I just purchased CloneDVD2 two weeks ago. I used the trial version over a month ago, and didn’t like DVDshrink. I’ve used lots of the programs. CloneDVD does it all. It does authoring (takes out FBI warnings; title previewing ability), transcoding, and writing. The only thing it doesn’t do is…ripping.

I dont like DVDshrink, because of this: if you want to take out the Extras (avg. 1000-2000MB), then you cant have an animated or interactive menu. So, you’re stuck w/ lots of compression, or losing the menu. I like menus!

I use DVDdecrypter and this. Decrypter takes 15-20 mins. to rip a average size movie to the HD. Then it takes CloneDVD another 15-20 mins. TOTAL: 30-40 minutes.
I’ve copied some (using just these two programs) w/ a total time of just 13 minutes. Those are 4.3Gb movies.

And I suppose people DO give a shit what you think?? Everyone is entitled to their opinion!

You said “The only thing it doesn’t do is…ripping.”

If you use AnyDVD with CloneDVD it does it all in one step.
When you bought CloneDVD you could have added AnyDVD as a package at a reduced rate. I would contact them and see if you can still get AnyDVD discounted, you won’t be sorry.
AnyDVD is a driver that runs in the background and once set you need to do nothing.
The two programs when used together are in my opinion the easiest way to copy a DVD, removes FBI warnings, trailers, and ability to have a menu.

@ Islander, Anydvd does not have an expiry time limit if you had bought it before, so if you still have your key (or serial to trade in to get a key) it sould still work.