Is Clonedvd Dead?

This software hasn’t been updated for quite a long time…do we need to perform some sort of burial service for it?

No, it just means it’s still working great, without bugs :clap:

I haven’t had a movie yet that i couldn’t get with CloneDVD unless I had to wait a couple of days for a protection update from AnyDVD. Olli has indicated that they are working on several new features for the next release. After this much time it might end up being called CloneDVD3.

>layer break at the same point as the original.
>easier splitting interface
>better default subtitle handling
>+R SL booktyping
>improved compression quality (but DL prices are dropping so hope not too much time wasted on this one).

Other improvments were mentioned as being on Olli’s “list”, but I can’t remember all of them offhand.

I’m salivating for what might be coming. I’m sure the elby staff has not been on vacation since July 12th!

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Can’t wait for that… :bow:

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