Is CloneCD smarter then ever !? Part II

I just posted the article Is CloneCD smarter then ever !? Part II.

As we reported yesterday there is a new function in CloneCD that is described as: "Error-free data sectors will be re-generated during reading. This new feature greatly improves the quality of the…

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Damn! i must say i like CloneCD, more and more(Didn’t think it was possible :stuck_out_tongue: ) Still my No 1 CD-R progie!!

Yup, CloneCD is #1. Was great before, and now it seems even better. Translated the thingie to Swedish, so I got a copy of it for free :slight_smile:

Hey I use CloneCD very often, but there is a copy prog that works just as good: BlindRead/Write. You see if you have both cdr progs you can copy any cd :8

Ljugtomten: In that case the Swedish word for unknown is okänd and not okännd :wink:

Can Anyone provide the link to betablocker?

Now what do I do, the new clonecd can backup my sd2 copies without patching with betablocker…what does it mean? BTW, I have Ricoh MP7163A, which according to , does not produce SD2 backup… Anyone can make things clear for me? I’m all confused…

It seems that I’ve found the source of my problems… I just a Ultraplex 40max to read the MaxPayne cd… which gave me no errors!!! So it seems that the new clonecd regenerated all the sectors and so losses the special codes from the SD2… That’s why I couldn’t patch the image with betablocker it simple didn’t find anything to patch… I couldn’t even use the image with deamon-tools… it says “sync field not detected”… now with the old clonecd this worked! and I could patch it!.. If I use my yamaha 2100s to read the image I get some defekt sectors, I can patch it and both work with daemon-tools… now is there something wrong with my plex or what?

I just used my PLex 161040A made a image with CloneCD and used BetaBlocker to change the weak sectors and WALAAH! It worked in my Pioneer DVD-Rom… I must say even if your hardware cant make SD2 Backups, this BetaBlocker works like a charm and its 1:1 copy with it… Now does anyone know how I can add files to a CloneCD image file?

Well, I’m confused because after clonecd version, I don’t need to use betablocker anymore to get a working backup of SD2 CDs…