Is Clone CD 4 as good for Audio now as EAC or Feurio?

As the question asks really.

With all the audio enhancements within CCD 4 I just wonder what everyone thinks about this. :confused:

I think that it is myself, but maybe your ears are better! :smiley:

So what’s your opinion on this?

This “quality” setting of CloneCD just overrides the read speed setting for now. It depends on your drive, if a higher reading speed lowers the “quality” or not. The quality of the frequency band isn’t really affected (at least it is VERY unlikely that the sound quality is decreased instead of getting choppy).

The only difference between CCD and EAC is that EAC CAN perform a C2 error detection. This depends on the drive features. With this mode you’ll know, if your copy could be read correctly or not. If not, the application has the choise to read single sectors again and again until the read retries produce the same data most time. If the disc is damaged to much, this won’t help, of course. But at least you’ll know if your copy is not OK. CCD doesn’t have this feature (yet). But if your CD is unscratched and your reader is OK, then you should get exact the same results, no matter which software you use.
If you do care about offsets, EAC is THE ONLY way to make perfect copies (keep in mind that this has nothing do do with quality. And even the READ BOOK allows offsets. So there’s no problem to live with these offsets ;-).


I’ve used Feurio for a long while now and have only just started using EAC and to be honest I now prefer it to Feurio. With EAC though I do get the odd coaster and the odd disc that will burn but cannot seem to be read by any cd drive. (and I don’t mean copy protected stuff either.) :confused: Wheras using Clone this never happens. Using a LiteOn Ltd-163 as reader and a 40125S as burner with Clone set upfor default on audio there’s no way I can burn any quicker than 8X OTF, wheras with EAC I can burn an audio disc much quicker even though I have to make an image file first and then burn it at 16X.

I take your point about an exact 1:1 copy little-endian but as you said it really has nothing to do with quality does it. I can’t tell any difference between audio recorded with Clone 4, EAC or Feurio right now, but as you pointed out if the disc you are copying is scratched then there’s nothing CCD can do about this even with V4 although Olli said a while ago that he is working on a Clone audio project to rival EAC which sounds interesting.

Thanks for your thoughts on this. :slight_smile:

CloneCD4 (without the new (EAC-like) audio engine which Olli wants to implement somewhere in the future) reads audio in burst mode (with a speed limit to prevent errors), that is read the audio in just 1 time. EAC reads in secure-mode, that is read the audio several times, compare the audio-data, in order to get the best result. EAC does this because there is virtually no error-correction/detection methods with audio, EAC moves the error detection from your cd-reader to your pc.

But like stated before, when you have a cd in good condition, the burst mode is just as good as the secure mode.