Is CDR Identifier 1.63 reliable?

It seems that a few cdrs which I tried (Prodisc, CMC) reflected it as using Phthalocyanine Dye

But I tried the same ones with fantom cd as it has a similiar function. It was Cyannine instead???:confused:

The only one that turned out to be Phthalocyanine on fantom cd was my Gigastorage media. Really misleading and confusing… wtf…

Fantom CD/CD-Mate is wrong.

I discussed this with the author (An chen), but they didn’t care.

Try Lite-On media checker, feurio and CD-R identifier.

Feurio seems to be one of the most accurate programs to identify CD-R discs but Lite-On media checker and CD-R identifier is handy as well.

A general rule: discs with gold/light green back is phthalocyanine while discs with dark green/blue back is cyanine. There is always some exceptions, like princo which is identified as phthalocyanbine but looks like cyanine.

Thanks. One thing I like about Fantom is the ability to mount images. Added to that, it supports cue burning. No more using cdrwin for me. :wink: