Is CD-R production losing ground over other forms of media?

That’s not going to happen because the CDs in excess of 700MB violate the red book standard. 700MB is a high as you can go without violating the standard.

I know that TY still makes 32x rated 650 MB CD-R media, and they are apparently still sold in Japan and Greece. I wonder where 71 minute media has gone though, if they’re still in production - are they sold to professional customers like drive manufacturers?

Yep 71 minutes is still used by some compannies for mastering purposes.

Famous 71 minutes example. For the folks who are thinking 71 minutes there joking !

The 71 minute CD-R made by TY is only available to companies wich have a special licence. In the past there where some shops selling these discs but this was soon stopped by introducing the licence system.

How did they get hold of those? They can’t have been retail. :disagree:

Hey, I really have to get this license! :wink: j/k ^^
EDIT: What the hell? They used SLIM CASES?

soneman> as I wrote in my previous post these discs where available in the japanese market for a very short period of time where everybody could buy them. I do not know why they did stop selling those discs as the results I have seen for those discs where very good.

kg_evilboy> I only once saw 71min Discs by TY when I visited a friend who used to work for a big game producing company and these disc where all in a normal jewel case and not in a slim type case. But that was about 6 years ago…

Btw Sega Saturn masters where made on TDK 71min Discs but I have never seen one of those being sold…

I know that I have some quality scan results of older media made with a expert magnetics CDC-58 printed somewhere in my room. I will post the results for the 71minute discs as soon as I find them. But since its a print out and I dont have a scanner I have to take a pic with my digital camera.

Really? But why would Sony allow consumers to buy blank Playstation CD-R?

Didn’t Sony stop to think that they may have been promoting piracy?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any company doing something like this before. :confused:

Very peculiar indeed.

Well, Taiyo Yuden only was the plant doing this for Sony… :slight_smile:
(Were they sold as That’s CD-R by START LAB, a TY/Sony(!) subsidiary or as bulk packages?)

You could buy them at any store specialised in CD-R media. As far as I can remember they where sold in normal jewell cases 1pc package or and bulk as all normal CD-Rs too. I do not remember if they were sold by TY or Sony but the package and discs only had the Sony PS logo on them.
I have just asked a friend of mine who is a shop owner and who used to sell those discs why they stopped selling the 71 minutes CD-Rs and he said that only small quantities (no mass production because of high quality controll) are produced and it was to make sure that enough discs are available for the manufacturers…
He also said that he got his discs from a special CD-R wholsaler. This wholesaler still carries the 71 minutes PS discs but nowadays only sells to authorized custommers.

Off topic:
The PS2 Master discs are also made by TY and also have the SCE logo on them. These are 8x DVD-Rs and product number is DVD-R47PSG8 and these are also only sold to makers having a Sony developers licence…

Anyone here have any 63-minute CD-R? I never seen any before, as I got into all this around the beginning of the decade and seen limited quantities of 80-minute CD-Rs around in 1999.

Here are some pics of a 63 minutes TDK: