Is CD media about to die soon?

i’d argue that we’re stuck with CDs for a long time. People aren’t ready to accept having just an mp3 collection with no physical CDs along with the fact the “next generation” audio CD was supposed to be SACD/DVD-Audio but that fell flat on its face. We’re stuck with CDs whether we want it or not. Personally i’d say get rid of the things, although i would miss them when there gone, much like i miss floppy’s.

CD’s will have a long life, guaranteed! Recording Studios around town generally only master to CD-R, with the exceptions being the big boys who master to 5.1 DVD Audio or SACD Most studios and musicians feel that 44.1Khz, 16-bit, stereo channel audio is still quite high on the quality list. As “crustyteacup” above replied, they have sold off their entire physical CD collection, and burnt it to mp3…all I can say is why, why, why? I want something to hold and treasure for my music buying dollar! (not to mention quality!) I do agree that music/audio will evolve again, but it will take a system that is designed for film and music to all play on the one system, before that really happens! Cassettes are only just mid next year being fazed out at the major plants (here in Australia), and that is a non optical disc format, whereas CD is, so it will always be backwards compatible and therefore will be catered to for a long, long time! For the record, I’m a 27yo, who only downloads rare live tracks or similar, and will never download a full album in place of having the physical thing! Just my opinion! :d

Bah… look how long vinyl has been around for. It ain’t dead yet. Why don’t these fools get real. Base your estimations on past experience rather than silly surveys. For instance i don’t see all those people with CD players in their cars upgrading their sound systems anytime soon nor do I see the car makers selling them with DVD audio players as standard. Hell Ford still sell tape decks as standard when you buy a cheap car!