Is CD good or bad?

Hi y’all,
does anyone know if it’s possible to tell if a CD is good and can be used, or not? Oftentimes, when I put what I think is a CD that I’ve recorded stuff on into my CD drive, I get a message that states, “CD not accessible from this drive,” or something like that. How can I tell if there is anything on this CD or not?

And what is the best CD recording software these days? I purchased Roxio Platinum 5 a while ago, but I don’t think it’s that great … gives me errors lots of times or does not record at all.

Thanks for your help!!!

Hello and welcome to CDFreaks!

As far as your problem, I am not sure about how to solve it, but I will offer my software advice. On these forums, it seems like 95% of us use Nero Burning Rom - it works really good and offers a bit more control over the burning process.

As far as copying copy protected discs (Nero or Easy CD Creator will NOT copy these), I recommend Alcohol 120%. It also supports many image formats such as CloneCD and ISO’s from Nero.