Is caching necessary for audio CD burning?

I’m trying to cut down on the amount of time it takes to burn an audio CD. Why does the CD burning software have to write the wav file that I want to burn to a temporary folder first? Is there a way to get around this? My files are already the right spec and everything for burning to Audio CD.

What burning software are you using?

I’m trying out a bunch of them now, trying to find a good one. In Cheetah CD Burner, on their support page for the settings, it says:

[B]“For audio CDs, all audio tracks are cached prior to writing.”[/B]

Give this one a try:



ImgBurn is good software, but it’s not practical for this because there’s too many steps. You have to create a cue sheet and all that… I’ll try Burrrn, thanks!

Burrrn’s great (for burning audio CDs from music files). It’s my preferred software for that purpose.