Is Burning Smell normal? LiteOn IT SOHW-1693S

Just received my new LiteOn IT SOHW-1693SO6C from Newegg. Perfect performance so far. However, I always smell a somewhat strong ozone/burning smell when burning DVDs. Is this normal? Can’t be good for you in a small space. I’m using the Ridata 8x DVD+R discs currently sold by Newegg in a 100 pack. BTW, only burning at 6x with my Pentium III/766 mhz. Can I do better?

Could it be your PSU producing the burning smeell. Im guessing it isnt that powerful a PSU if its in a PIII/766mhz comp. What make is your PSU / PC and what wattage. Put your nose near (not to close now) the fan of PSU at the back see if the smells coming from that.

Also, it isn’t uncommon for a drive to emit a burning smell when burning discs, especially if the discs are RITEKR03 media. Phew… :wink:

To use a 16x burner you really need to have a higher spec’ed system then the one you have. Personally I’d suggest 1.8GHz plus (P4, XP - differs with mobile CPUs) and also a 7200RPM drive is recommended as well.

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I’ve noticed somne new spindles of discs have a certain smell to them, but I can’t quite put my nose to it.

Agree, my Riteks even stink when I play them.

Yup… My GF’s parents thought i was destroying their DVD player when they were using one of my backups once… Its not uncommon and quite natural

Remember speed and all that is great being have a good power supply to use dvd writers is important as well oh you will run into difficulties.

Have you tried with other medias ? If not, try different media. This is not NORMAL. There is an extreme heat wave and room temps here are in the 96F and I burn hundreds of discs and have not had any smell of any kind.

It IS normal for some blanks to have this strange smell from the spindle, usually a urine like smell, but it isn’t normal for a burning smell coming out of your writer. Just scan your burns if they are ok and working just leave things as they are…it may do this being NEW and all, in time after many burns the smell should go away…if your discs are error free and burning well then I guess you should not worry… Keep good air flow inside your case.

Question… Does your finished DVD come out being very HOT to the touch from your burner ?