Is Burner Failing or Something Else?

I think this is generic issue, so no model numbers.

Had my burner a year or so now and until this week ALL burns have been very consistent–at 4X takes a uniform 15 minutes or so to burn and about 10 min to verify on verbatim and TY media.

Burning time remaining often starts at 13min, then goes up to 15 or 16 minutes then comes down in regular increments.

Now my verbatim disks burn exactly the same but my TY disks are starting at a reported 13 minutes to go but then goes up to 40 or 45 minutes total and zig-zags up and down until the burn is finished now taking from 25-35 minutes. Verification still takes 10 minutes and all the burns appear to be good ones.

Because the Verbatim disks still burn “as they should” is it safe to assume the TY media is the issue or does this signal something going out on the burner? ((I’ve done about 1500 Burns over 18 months))

Thanks //// bobbo.


check your DMA settings and if they are PIO for your writer, then correct this issue. There is a “Read First” about that.

Edit: Forgot to mention, that writing on modern media far below its rated speed is not a good idea. 8x media should be written @8x, for 16x media, 12x seems to be the sweet spot, a modern 16x capable writer assumed.

Thanks mciahel–yes, dma is set.

The TY is x4 and the verbatim is x8–both have worked pretty good for over a year now==and right now it is the TY that is acting up. My burner is 16x rated but wouldn’t the media control over the burner?? I have never read that recording below the rated speed was bad–only the reverse. Do you have a source for this-- --it would be interesting if true? /// bobbo.

Then you’ve not read all the posts made here by the more experienced members.

General rule is exactly as michael says, although some poor quality media will benefit from slower burn speeds.

Hey Tim - course, you are right==I haven’t read “all the posts herein”—just alot of them over the past year or so. I’ll keep my eyes open and even search for a thread that addresses burning quality media at lower than their stated speed. I’m constantly amazed at the precision involved and still don’t believe the speed required/achieved by this technology. If I’m only harming the burn by giving it more time, that would be foolish?

Still, now the TY (quality x4 -R) media seem to be bouncing back and forth. One will burn in 14 minutes and the next will take 30-40 minutes and then back again. No visible difference to the disk. As long as my verbatims are burning the same, I’ll just assume its the media although these burners do fail/get dirty and I’d hate to use a failing one when new ones are so cheap.

Thanks for the info. //// bobbo.

Well, that didn’t take long. I think the general rule is the universal rule: It depends.

This is from the sticky posts in this forum:

Q: Could I improve the quality of my burn by slowing down the burn?
A: That slowing down a burn will always improve quality is a myth. The answer is maybe. Often, burning at a slower speed can help. But sometimes, burning at a slower speed will actually produce worse results. This is because the quality of a burn depends on other factors in addition to the burn speed. The quality of a slower burn would depend on whether or not the disc was designed for lower speeds (16x media, for example, use chemicals optimized for high-speed burning) and whether or not the drive was designed to burn that particular media at lower speeds (i.e., whether or not the drive’s hardware is optimized for lower speeds, whether or not the drive’s firmware is optimized for lower speeds, and whether or not the drive has a good, optimized low-speed write strategy for that particular media type). All this varies between drive types and different media, so the only way to know for sure would be to try it out.

If you are considering the use of a hacked firmware to force slower burns: If a drive’s firmware does not officially support a lower speed for a particular media type, forcing the drive to burn at an otherwise unsupported lower speed through the use of a hacked firmware will likely produce undesirable results.

I think the general rule is the universal rule: It depends.

I agree; find the “sweet spot” for your burner/media type, determined by Nero tool results, & stick with that.

Just my .02

regards, katzz :slight_smile:

Just an addition:

recent Liteon drives (6S series) support a minimum write speed of 6x on most media. If Hypertuning is enabled with Liteon’s Smart Burn utility, then lower speeds are also possible.