Is Bulkpaq media any good?

Well, I see stores are literally FULL of Bulkpaq media. Also the famous FAKE Taiyo Yuden DVD+R with TY02 media code are sold under this brand. On this site you can see CD-Rs with red bottom… WTF ? Looks nice! The shop says they are manufactured by Prodisc Technology Inc… is that any good or is Prodisc just one of the brands which manufacture crappy frisbees ?

Is Bulkpaq media any good

My opinion is dont waste your money on bulkpaq its crap

Bulkpaq is a company that is into making bulkmoney,
even though their recent move from Princo to Prodisc is adorable. You know what I mean ? :slight_smile:

3 different Media ID’s for one type - though I’m actually pleased with it, as with minor tuning, it looks like a good 4x to 6x overspeed.

I wouldn’t buy it again though, as I couldn’t be sure of getting the same!

No. It’s not called ‘Bulkcrap’ for nothing.