Is buffer fluctuation normal on 3520?



I am using Nero, ND-3520A (1.25) and Verbatim DVD+R 16X (MCC 004), and when I burn at either 16X or 12X the buffer in Nero fluctuates several times going from 98% to 10% then quickly back to 98%. Is this normal? I thought this drive has buffer underrun, or is this only for CD burning?


Main buffer for the drive will do this when the NEC dynamically adjusts to improve burn quality. The Nero ULTRA buffer should not change much if your hard drive throughput speed is fast.


The Nero buffer is the “Used Read Buffer”? That stays pretty constant at 98 to 100%.


it is normal, as nec uses the walking opc technology. so, you will see buffer up down few times.


The burner’s buffer will fluctuate a few times per burn because NEC uses Z-CAV, which means it divides the disc into zones, and when it gets to the next zone, it changes speed. At this point, you will see the “Buffer Level” (in Nero 6.6) fluctuate.

Please note that this is not the same thing as the “User Buffer Level” - if that fluctuates, it means your system cannot keep up. Even with the fastest hard drive, if you are burning lots of small files that are badly fragmented, it won’t be able to keep up even with 8X (~11MB/s). However, since all modern drives use buffer underrun protection technology, it shouldn’t affect your burns much (although you may see some spikes when scanning the discs - just ignore them).


I think the problem he’s describing isn’t about a few times per burn, but constantly

I had the same problem with my 3520 and it has somethig to do with your IDE controller settings, Do you have a Nvidia IDE- controller?

if so, check the DMA settings (DMA mode should be enabled, i’ve set mine to Ultra DMA Mode 2 , Ata33) or install the newest IDE drivers from Nvidia, that should fix the problem.