Is Buffalo firmware better than LG one?

I saw that Buffalo’s DVSM-X516 is a re badged LG GSA-4167B so I want to know if the buffalo´s firmware DJ13 is better than DL13 LG firmware???
Does Buffalo have better DVD quality burner than LG one???
Is it safe to update GSA-4167b using DJ13 firmware instead of DL13??

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I wonder if the buffalo firmware supports bitsetting for +rw media.

Very interesting as I just ordered an LG 4167 and have been using Buffalo firmware with my Pioneer drives. It is my understanding that the 4167 does not save the booktype settings after a reboot, only the 4166 does. If that is correct then I would really like to know if an LG with this above mentioned Buffalo firmware auto bitsets full time like it does on the Pioneer 110. Thanks!

The question’s misleading I think. Buffalo doesn’t make firmware. LG does. Pioneer does. Buffalo’s not even an important player to rebadge ODD drives. Using Buffalo-released firmware for some ODDs made by LG, Toshiba, Samsung, Pioneer, Sony, NEC, and others may be sometimes alright, but keep in mind none of the manufacturers take Buffalo seriously. So limit your question to one or two specific firmware releases instead of just saying “Buffalo firmware.” (See HatchetMan is already wondering whether the Buffalo firmware might be better than LG’s own retail firmware just because a Buffalo firmware for a Pioneer model seemed to have at least one more customized feature.)

Still wanna know if the DVSM-X516 is a really a re-badged LG GSA-4167B, if DJ13 supports auto bitsetting, and if so whether or not the 4167 is flashable to it?

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Most times, they are cross-flashable, but it voids warranty forever. Auto-bitsetting is not something LG openly supports or admits even if they do.

I think the reason why he is asking about auto-bitsetting is that Buffalo’s version of Pioneer’s 110 has auto-bitsetting. Pioneer itself stubbornly refuses to support bitsetting for DVD+R discs at all, so Buffalo must have somehow convinced Pioneer to create a version of firmware for them with that feature put in. This is the original thread that started it all with the 110 :

He reasons that if Buffalo does that for one drive, they may have done the same with their version of the 4167B, i.e. convince LG to create a custom version of firmware for them with auto-bitsetting.

It IS based on the GSA-4167B. In the link you posted, look just below the table on the page. The words “GSA-4167B” are clearly mentioned there.

Whether Buffalo’s firmware will work properly on a normal 4167B is anyone’s guess. The question is if you flash with Buffalo’s firmware, can you still flash back afterwards to LG’s firmware if you don’t like the results? Will the drive model change after you flash to DVSM-X516?

I understood so as well before I was replying. I myself have had two Pioneer DVD writers and often used OEM firmware releases to add bitsetting. Since Buffalo’s Melco Inc. isn’t even a dedicated ODD company, they don’t care much, not that there’s zero likelihood. I mean Pioneer and LG know how to make and adjust firmwares, but not Buffalo. Buffalo’s just one of the many “traders” that just buy hardware products from big manufacturers in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. and then only rebrand them.

BTW, LG started to include bitsetting since the then-notorious N0AD incident. LG had been a dedicated DVD-RAM and DVD Minus company and so never wanted to make their DVD+RW/+R addition too obvious always reluctant even to talk about + support and ignoring bitsetting support by other competing makers like Ricoh, Philips, NEC, BenQ, Lite-On, etc.

Can someone please tell us if the Buffalo firmware DJ13 for the DVSM-X516 drive supports auto bitsetting firmware? I think this is a simple enough question. I really don’t wanta get into the politics of what company is what and what not, blah, blah, blah, heard it too many times, I’m just interested to know if the buffaolo DJ13 firmware supports auto bitsetting and bitsetting for dvd+rw discs. A simple answer would be nice.

You have two options:

  1. Try it. Go here: and pay particular attention to items 9 thru 19. Please heed Kenshin’s warnings involving the risks.

  2. Same thread (FAQ) items 20 and 21 discuss workarounds less risky.

Good Luck.

This sounds like a job for…The Dangerous Brothers. :clap:

I would almost give it a try but my 4167 burns better with the DL12 version and I have had no problem setting the bit when I burn.

The extracted file is clearly labeled for the GSA-4167 and the graphics are the LG tool so I would imagine it will work.

TDB to the rescue :bow: we can hope. I skipped DL12 going from DL11 to DL13. I may flash back to DL12 and try it as I value your opinions. I agree that bitsetting has not been a problem for me personally but could be for some depending on what burning app used I suppose.

The only way anybody can tell you this is if they tried flashing their standard GSA-4167B with this firmware. Maybe you want to try it first?

The discs I switched back to DL12 for were MCC 004 at 12X and TY T02 at 8X.

I have found this to be true for my LG 4163 as well where A103 was the best version for TYG02. Strange but true.

I had checked 21 out but it didn’t look like alexnoe’s tool supported 4167 yet, does it or have you used it?

:disagree: Sorry - I really don’t know. I assumed it did but I could be totally wrong. I’ve never personally used it. I’ve always handled bitsetting the hard way I guess you would say.

I think it does. I recall that someone in the forum pestered him into adding support for the 4167B. Besides, there is no harm trying. It will either work or give you an error message. It’s not modifying the firmware or anything so it is safe.

I thought I remembered a thread to that effect also even though a quick search didn’t find me anything. BTW - Thanks for a very good FAQ :bow: Not sure if some of the other posters realized that was your handy work. I’ve referred to it on numerous occasions.

I tried flashing to DJ13 and got “Can’t find the target drive.”