Is BritneySpearsGuy taking the piss?

Well… I dunno… it seems plausable, but still far fetched.

For those of you who are confused (and you should be) read here:

Sick birds :rolleyes:

Im truely starting to loose respect for some of the areas in here

well im still confused about this one also , but i have cast my vote and my opinions are my own :slight_smile:

I demand a “yeeeeees” option or a “Yes… (rhetorical pause), he is… (rhetorical pause) (exclamationmark)”-option.
Also I see I am still wearing my christmas hat…

Shouldn’t we all just change our avatars to Britney to make him feel welcome?

I agree bkf.

Demands met. Now release the hostages!!!

It’s Ok I have still got my eye patch on from pirate day.

I think we have to give respect to the lady who has been a virgin for really a long period time. At least officially.

And I was just wondering was it not in her case a perfect example of Immaculate Conception…

A virgin that has given birth? Where have I heard that before… could it be? :stuck_out_tongue:

My god! You are right!

Britney Spears has given Birth to ta-da-da The Anti-Corporation*/end Ta-da-da* … the being which signifies the end of the RIAA!

seen him on other forums (if its the same guy) and he seems ok any how whats wrong with britney i for one wouldent shove her out of my bed (unless the missus was coming home)

Not until you bring me a second shrubbery! And place it next to the other one so I get a little escape path down the middle!

I have changed my mind about the poll, I want to vote “Nu” now. Err, I mean “No!”

It’s amazing (ly gross) what you find down little dark escape alleys in Australia …

Watch where you step :stuck_out_tongue:

Airhead… it pains me to tell you this but the Scottish Guy on LB is dead.

He is? Well then its lucky I have this lively avatar now then…(rhetorical pause)… (ellipsis) (smiley).

What is it with you and rhetorics?

Its the avatar you see.

That’s one insaneHat!

Or perhaps merely a masquerading cap, frothing at the mouth …

I like crayon!

Me too!