Is Bleem compatible with OpenGL or D3D?



I have heard, that Bleem is only made for 3Dfx.... Is this true, and if not, where can this program be found????

And now I'm at it, is there any problems, regarding compatibilty with AMD k6-2??

Plz Respond anyone



Bleem is fully D3D compatible, even if it does run like a hog!

I don’t know if the actual Bleem program is compatible with the AMD K6-2 (or any AMD AFAIK) but the cracked versions doing the rounds most certainly are not! [which kinda bugs me as I have a K6-2]

If you are running the cracked version (or trying to) it may be worth checking out some of the dealers on the ‘Dealer’ section here to get a Bleem Key CD as they can be copied using CloneCD! This will let you D/L the updates directly from Bleem’s website! [which might actually run on the AMD]

Anyways, good luck!



To HellHound:

Dealer inhere??? I’m new in the room, so if you would be so kind, to tell me, what you are talking about, I would be very pleased…

By the Way… Thx for the tip from before… SS


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Yes the Bleem crack works with AMD’s (however you do need the AMD crack). Email me for info.
ps I bought the original disk, It’s much easier chaps.