Is any good?

Hi I was wondering if anyone who has ordered form them latley can give me an idea if they are any good.

I used them a long time ago and was not happy with the DVDs I got so havent used them in some time. I have been using

Im using an LG-GSA-4163B with latest firmware, A105 I think. Burned TY G03’s only produced quality scans at 4x (PIE under 15 at 4x) arround 20-50 at 8x and not too well above that.

So I am also looking for a better type I was thinking TY 8x -R. Many peoople have been saying they are way better and the few minutes it save I would rather have quality burns not the 1-2 min. extra it takes.

I ordered Ritek G04’s and TY 4X-R’s from them a while ago, great prices, customer service, great product and quick :slight_smile:

Just ordered some TY 8X-R’s and some +R DL’s from them yesterday. Should be here early next week :wink:

Thanks, just orders some TY 8x-R’s I’ll see how they are this time. Post some scans as soon as I get them.

They are excellent, probably the #1 best place online to buy in Canada.


They are by far the best place I’ve tried for ordering exactly the media I want, since they display items based on the manufacturer codes and not the branding label. You can’t blame them for media that doesn’t burn well with your drive. :wink: Choose well, and they will ship you exactly what you ask for. Excellent pricing, excellent turnaround time, excellent customer service. What more could you ask for? :slight_smile:

Got my order today :smiley:

I hope you guys saw this awesome deal on Ricoh DVD+R 8X Inkjet Printable discs.

Yeah, I saw that one, They have have lots of deals on. I saw more stuff there but just orderd my TYs so im not really looking to buy, but the inventory blowout special price stuff is pretty good

And best of all, they have a legit address and phone number and don’t hide behind a P.O. BOX ro cell phone like a certain other company with a similar name, based in Laval… :slight_smile:

I take it you were had by the one in laval, thats Quebec not even Canada IMO. But anyway here is a scan of the -8X TY’s burned at 4x on LG-GSA-4163B A105.

Nice scan :clap: I just ordered 50 dvd-r TY03 discs from aswell, good thing they are legit. Now I finally know a place other than futureshop to get decent quality media. :slight_smile:

I have had bad luck with futureshop, that was early on befor i knew about testing/scaning DVD’s. Their 16x media (verbates) were not good at 16x, Ill have to try them again.

Here are some scans of my TY-G03’s from (all burned on GSA-4163G A105) the one that loads on the page was burned at 8x

This was burned at 16x
This one was burned at 4x

have you tried them with you’re benq drive?

Thats a good question…Let me burn one now at 16x and them scan it, I’ll post later

As you can tell the burn is not that good, burned in 10 min + or - a few seconds and at an average of 5-6x started off high hit 10 then steadaly went dow to around 4.9 in that area. might be a good burn at 8 or 4 x but I use my LG for most of my burning now

Wow that’s surprisingly bad for TY. I thought they were good on all DVD burners at whatever speed you use them at…my Prodiscs look better than that on my pioneer 110 … :frowning:
thanks for the testing though. is legit, they actually have a store you can pick up your items from and they are registered. The other one blankdvdmedia based in Laval, Quebec, in my opinion is a place you should avoid at all cost - I was warned by someone here a while ago, a warning that I ignored, but I found out the hard way - the guy sells CRAP media, LIES about the media codes and then when you question him about ANY problem he tells you off. The guy HIDES behind a P.O BOX he doesn’t give you the address if you ask him, you cannot pick up in person and he uses a cell phone and a fake name. is an authorized dealer for Ritek and TY products and can be verified by calling TY’s USA office.

Also, calculates the shipping cost based on weight… in laval RIPS you off senseless. Example, they charge $6.00 on shipping 50 DVDs…and $6.00 for shipping a set of epson cartridges. Let’s say you order both 50 DVDs AND the set of epson cartridges, he will charge you $12 !!! Let’s say you order 3 different items he will charge $6 x 3… RIPOFF as calculates according to weight, so if you order many items it will depend on the weight and you will not be charged double, triple, quadruple initial shipping costs. The guy is extremely arrogant over the phone and in e-mail and in my humble opinion most of the people in Quebec - I think Canada would do better without Quebec anyways.

There are other places in Canada to order media, some are based in Alberta and Vancouver, but I think has the best service.

As far as Future Shop being a place to buy quality media LOL!!! That’s a good one :slight_smile:

Off Topic. @BobTheSlob. Just an FYI.:slight_smile: The BenQ 1620 actually will write TYG03 like TYG02 if you use ala42’s Media code speed edit and swap the TYG03 write strategy to TYG02 strat you will find the 1620 burns this very well. ClickHere and Here

hey there was a time when futureshop was pretty good at quality media, I used to buy some nice made in japan Maxells which was all I used to buy. I know those days are gone and thats why i will start ordering from :wink:

I can also vouch for Great media, great prices, great customer service and fast shipping. I’d give them an overall rating of 10/10 :bow:

I have also ordered TYG03 media from them and I’m also getting very dissapointing (low 90s% disc quality scores) results with this media. :sad:

I recommend their -/+ 8X Taiyo Yuden media instead as they give you way better burns (97%-99% disc quality scores). :smiley: