Is BitTorrent Dead?



With many the major BitTorrent sites closed, or about to do so, do you think this is the end for illegal torrents? I still use torrents for downloading legal files (mainly large game demos from, as there servers are often full), but do you think the illegal p2p side is dead, or will it just mean people swap the torrent files “underground”. Personally I don’t think if illegal torrents “die” that anybody will bother installing BitTorrent clients, let alone people developing them further, and so legal files will not be distributed with BitTorrent any longer.

Anyway, what do you think? Is BitTorrent dead?

Ben :slight_smile:


Hope not…just installed it to give it a try…
Have no clue on how it works yet, but I guess I will find out in the next two weeks of my vacation :wink:


Just keep it legal, apparently they are going to target downloaders soon, and have started logging IPs.

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ps. is a good place to get legal torrent files for you to try out.


I not sure where I read it but some big time anti p2p dude sed: BT is hard to kill becasuse if some data is banned in one part of the world then wait a few hours and its there again. BT is very good @ redistibuting data. I dont think this is the end of BT @ all. They stoped Napster and it came back. They cannt seem to stop KaZaA or edonkey etc. Any way 50% of BT traffic is legit stuff anyway (demos, patches, mods etc)



It came back, but not a patch on what it had been :sad:


First, the major sites that got busted were ed2k, not BT. The only major BT site to go down (Phoenix) went down voluntarily because they didn’t want to risk any trouble. If SuprNova is still alive, you know that BT is a long way from dying. (edit: nevermind, just noticed that they closed down today, but it seems unrelated to the crackdown; they’ve had technical difficulties for quite some time now)

Also, as another poster said, there is a lot of legit BT traffic, too (like the release of FireFox).


Yeah but still. Meh, I think the end the MPAA and all that lot will have to embrace file sharing. It will never be stoped. Its like murder, that will never be stoped. (Dont give me any of that Minority Report crap :stuck_out_tongue: ) File sharing and p2p is a way of life nowadays and will be in the future I think.



It’s way to early to tell, several other sites are still there and there are rumors that another protocol is being written, that helps stop this.
If they manage to “kill” bittorrent another p2p will be born from the ashes. You can’t stop the will of the people. Anyways the next p2p will be better than bittorrent in distributing large files.

#9 just as good as suprnova imo, it also has something on the front page about suprnova if anybody wants to check it out


There are still alot of sites, but they are going to get shut down very soon.

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Or not.


If you owned SuprNova and got a letter from the MPAA saying they where going to sue you for everything you had (and they would have sued them for alot) would you close it down or keep it up and running and get sued?


You must also take into account you have persons like the one running a certain pirate bay who publishes every letter on your website, and is fully convinced you are right.


just do a search for mirror…


we are not looking for sites, we talking about if this is the end of Bit Torrent!



U tell him VH


:stuck_out_tongue: Whats ur opition of Bit Torrent?



I think that BT just got started. Although BT is often associated with the warez scene, it’s a fact that more and more legal purposes for this network are being found. Lots of open source software, free (closed source) software and even drivers are being offered through BT, as this way of distributed distribution lowers serverloads enormously. I think it’s a good thing, especially now most ppl are enjoying somewhat more reasonable upload speeds.


Wasn’t BT for British Telecom? :rolleyes: (J/K.)


LOL it is :slight_smile: