Is BitTorrent and all of its features... Illegal?

I dunno, i’m new here and my friend and his buddy have been randomly using Bittorrent alot, but i dunno if its legal or not…

anybody help?
:bow: thanks.

Only if you download and share copyrighted files without permission. For instance, it is fine to use to get and share the latest Nero updates! :stuck_out_tongue: Just don’t try to snag “The Breakup” with Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston, Joey Lauren Adams, and Jon Favreau. :disagree:

of course it s legal, if it was not, it would be impossible to download things from the net…

However much we wish that to be true, this is a dangerously simplistic conclusion and you ought to know better than to give that generalised advice.

Yea the cleints are all legal. The sites however are also legal. Torrents are not illegal ither. It is just the contents in the torrents that are illegal.

but why havent they done anythink about it

dont u think its a bit werid that the bit torrent website havesnt been banned or removed to stop u downloading bit torrent exe???

Like the guy’s said only the torrents which hollywood
says they own the copyright. For example a new movie
torrent like incredible hulk. The reason they can’t catch
the pirates is they have no legal jurusdiction in sweden
where like pirate bay operates from. They have hired lot’s
of legal teams,even a company in malibu california to
search for where the IP’S are being downloaded. The
only sucsess they have had is last I heard catching one
guy in JAPAN out of millions?

How can the FBI/Police ever catch you?? There are more than MILLIONS of people over the hole world who are donwloading sowww kind of hard I think when somebody only downloads 1 or 2 movies