Is big brother watching you? via your mobile



until recently only the police/or secret services etc could do this but now anyone can may be handy to locate your kids but for your boss to know where you are and you wife/husband

there are lots more of them as well

anyone know how to check if you are being traced? you get a text when your phone is regestered but if your spouse registers your phone and deletes the text (while you were in the bath :rolleyes: ) do you get follow up texts?


there is even a company in the usa offering to ping and locate any mobile without any concent just cash big bro is watching you if you are were you are not suposed to be switch it off


GOD this has realy got me seems if you say the mobile belongs to a kid then they just send you the info OMG this gets worse its very cheap as well

running scared :iagree:


Yes, Big Bro is always watching. He can anytime, anywhere, but there are laws that make it possible.
What concerns Big Sis. Well, it is another story. It is a service that has to be regulated properly.


Switches phone off, throws it away and runs in opposite direction.


I think you should be aware than any electromagnetic emitting device can and will be traced.

Do as all sane people do and do your privacy and anonimous business without phones, pda’s, credit cards and anything else that can be traced via a single computer.


i agree but not for 25p a shot will be using this service to keep tabs on my kids :wink: but dont like it used to keep tabs on me :smiley: (do as i say not as i do??)


What I am more worried about is the lack of grammer in that highlighted sentance. Can no-one spell or read these days. Does everything have to be underlined in little green lines for people to change it???


Im personally scared more of the RFID chips, but this is very scary still…


How so? i bet you have more than 2 electromagnetic cards or passes in your wallet right now.

Why would RFID make such a difference for your privacy? Because it emits a magnetic field like a mobile phone? Because it uses proximity instead of a slider?


Um, no. Because they can pretty much get every detail from you as long as you are caught by a scanner. I only have one debit card, and a BAM membership card. Im alsso scared of verichip. I dont like the thought that Im eing watched. Now, there are clothes out with RFID in them, and lots of other products. There was a Coast to Coast AM show on them just the other day, pretty interesting stuff.


Red actually.


I dont like this… apart from the fact the thread waws started on my birthday :stuck_out_tongue:


If people call you paranoid, it doesn’t mean you are wrong :wink: