Is big brother watching me burn?

I’m new to DVD burning, hope someone can help with this troubling problem.

I have noticed that when using CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD together to burn a DVD it will rip from the DVD almost 5 times faster if I have an active internet connection. It is so noticable it is scary, it works time and time again. There is an slight jump in bytes out, but no change at all in bytes in.

Has anyone else come across this?

Is one of the progams being assisited from an online sight?

Or is the fact that I’m burning being transmitted to someone?

Humm, don’t really know the DVD programs and don’t know why they’d be slower, but here are some ideas:
I have a program that tries to contact a time server upon startup to set the time. I know this, as that what’s set in its options. When there’s no Internet connection, it stalls during startup for several seconds. Apparently, it can’t find the server, and eventually gives up (but starts up eventually).

Maybe the DVD programs try to do something like this.

To be sure, you can go to and get a Network Sniffer that now has a fancy name of “PIAFCTM”. Once installed, select Packet Mode, then Start. (you can shut off the annoying beep by unchecking “Make sound for new packets” option.)
I think it shows you IP packets only if you’re connected to the Internet.

It will show you each and every single packet that goes in or out through your PC. If those programs are sending anything, you’ll see from where to where it’s being sent.

You may not be able to tell what exactly they are sending, if the data is encoded in some way.
To be sure that it’s the DVD programs that are sending something, make sure you run only the DVD program, and shut off all others. Otherwise you may see what i.e. your browser or email programs are sending and receiving if they are up and running.

I have installed CloneDVD 2 here too and a firewall (ZoneAlarm Pro). This firewall notifies me when a program wants to connect to the internet. So far, I have not seen any burning app wanting to connect to the internet except for programs looking for a software update (and after deselecting this option in the programs’ preferences this was solved). It’s a weird problem I agree but I seriously doubt it has anything to do with ‘big brother watching you’.