Is benq1620A any good on DVD -R media?

I want to use DVD -R fuji film 1x-8x speed with the benq1620 A. is it any good when ripping a dvd movie?
does benq 1620 a give good results on _ R media - fuji film 1x-8x?
thanks for help.

I just ripped a movie using some ritek DVD-R media (8X). It burned no problem at 12X and played perfectly on my ONKYO DVD player. I can’t speak for fuji DVD-R media though. I think the consensus from the reviews I read were that the BenQ 1620 was great at DVD+R but the DVD-R still needed some work. I think with the latest firmware they have brought the DVD-R quality up. I know it works fine for me. Normally though I use DVD+R and booktype to DVD-ROM. I see no reason for me to do anything else. Hope this helps.

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so benq1620a has some software with which I can change booktype? to dvd-Rom and then it will play on almost every dvd player?
so I should buy dvd +R disks then and change booktype?

use the booktype management software from BenQs website. It only works for DVD+R and DVD+RW. Also for DL media. DVD-R will only be booked as DVD-R.

Yes, you’re correct in what you’ve said. But, I wonder how many of you know about this:

I would like to see a tool developed for a BenQ DW1620 that can do the above.

Interesting socerates. Are there people out there who really need to do this though? I figure if a player can play a DVD-R it should easily play a DVD+R book type DVD-ROM. Maybe some older players wont though. Very interesting.

I know a guy who has a home DVD player that will only accept DVD-R discs; not DVD+R discs even if they’re booktyped to DVD-ROM. I would love to test a DVD+R disc that’s been bitset to DVD-R in his home DVD player. Now we just need someone to make such a BenQ DW1620 tool like Binflash that’s for NEC drives. Help, anyone out there listening who can do such?