Is BenQ supporting Windows Vista?



I’m thinking of springing for a new Vista desktop next week. Any idea if my BenQ 1620 and 1640 will work in it? I know BenQ is no longer making drives, so I’m worried that they may not update their drivers to support Vista.


There should be no problems as their are no drivers provided by drive manufacturers.


There is a BenQ specific piece of software called QSuite however, so the functionality of BenQ drives would be reduced if QSuite doesn’t work under Vista.

I don’t run Vista so I can’t say whether QSuite works or not - I’m just pointing out that the potential for such a problem exists.


Very good point. :wink:


Maybe Benq (LiteOn now :bigsmile: ) “would” provide a Vista capable version of QSuite !


Qsuit works under vista (the free version of Plextools for Plextor drives does not however).

I have tested under both Vista 32 & 64 Ultimate RTM versions.


Great news. Do you notice any difference in how your BenQ’s burn under Vista?


No difference, as I would expect.

The drive just gets fed the raw data that is needed to burn so the drive does not know what OS is used, only that it needs to burn the information it is getting.


Thanks for explaining that. Very good news indeed!


Hmm, it’s not working here under Vista x64; DEP always closes it down when I set it to XP SP2 compatibility mode or with no compatibility set, after I select my BenQ drive from the drop down.


I’d avoid Vista for a while. I just read where a Panasonic video camera user reports no Vista support for that. Who knows how many more unsupported devices/software there are?


Me too, unless anybody can give me a good(!) reason to switch.