Is BenQ media any good



ok i want to try some BenQ 52x CD-R media as are doing it quite cheap.

but i have 2 questions.

  1. is it any good with most burners (see sig for what i have)
  2. what does the top of the blank cd-r look like (i dont want it to be purple or anything, if anybody could do a scan of it i would be very greatfull:bow: )


ben :slight_smile:


BenQ DVD-R media is very good, normally they are Sony discs (e.g. the NEC 3500 allows you to burn the 8x DVD-R BenQ discs at full 16x speed). BenQ DVD+R discs are normally made by DAXON. Not the worst discs, but the -R media is definitely better.

Those 52x CD-Rs are most probably made by Acer. If your burner likes them (most newer burners should), you can get some great results with them. My Plextor Premium likes them, the Yamaha F1 should like them as well. Same for LiteOn and LG burners.


You don’t say what you’re using them for, but I used a spindle of BenQ CD-R’s when I started trading music about 6 months ago. I found them to be fine (very few coasters). The question is, how long will they keep the music before they deteriorate?

Also, the ones I had were bright Purple!

Now I use good quality unbranded silver T-Y’s for around £25 per 100. Available at

If anyone has a better deal, I’d LOVE to know.


thanks, seeing as they are bright purple (just what i feared) i have canceled the order and have placed a order for some nice ol’ verbitrim :slight_smile:




Acer (Benq) (Daxon)


hmmmm thanks BoSkin, BenQ doesnt look that great to me. think i will definatly leave it :). TDK 48x has allways been my favorite. in the 200 i must have burned i cant remember a single coaster. :slight_smile:


TDK can be made by a number of manufacturers, e.g. TDK, TY, RiTEK, Mitsui etc…
Which one do you mean ? :wink: