Is Benq 1655 A Good Burner?

  1. Is It? Is It Based On Benq 1640?
  2. If Not Should I Wait For Benq 1650. Am In Usa.

The 1655 is the same as the 1650, except with the ability to label Lightscribe media. In fact, here’s the linkI just finished posting for the 1655. It is basically the 1640, but with improved 16x writing (the 1640 could not write some 16x media at 16x without some PIF spikes, and the 1650/55 avoids doing that more). HOWEVER–check out the BenQ 1655 quality scan threadand make yourself a small chart of the media, burn speed, settings (Solidburn, WOPC, etc.) used for best quality with that mid, and you’ll get a quick feel for how well it burns. Then you’ll be able to make an informed decision as well. :bigsmile:

I have both a 1640 and a 1655 burner currently installed in my system. Both support solidBurn (a major feature for me), but the 1655 adds the following additional benefits over the 1640 (besides LightScribe, which I don’t use):

  1. The +R write spiking that occurs near the end of a 16X burn on the 1640 is eliminated on the 1655.

  2. The 1655 drive is rated to use less power than the 1640 drive, so your computer case should run a bit cooler.

  3. If you attempt a CDSpeed 16X quality scan (instead of the more standard 8X one) on the 1640, your error rate will often appear to skyrocket near the end of the disc as the actual read speed approaches the full 16X. This is often accompanied by PO Failures counting up in CDSpeed. Similar 16X quality scans made on the 1655 look almost exactly the same as ones made at 8X on either the 1640 or the 1655 (with the exception of occasional invalid PIE spikes that can randomly show at this higher speed). Inversely, there are never any PO Failures on the 1655 caused by this higher 16X scan rate, and the PIF’s look similar at both 8X and 16X scanning speeds. So I conclude that the 1655 is likely a better reader than the 1640 - at least at the faster 16X speed.

  4. In general, my 1655 seems to burn slightly better at all speeds than my 1640 across the half-dozen or so +R disc types that I tested with. But this is a subjective opinion and some other people have noted the opposite with their drives.

  5. A CD’s read speed purportedly approaches 60X on the 1655 while it only peaks to 48X on the 1640.

So, based on my experience with both drives, I feel that the 1655 is significantly better than the 1640. I recommend either picking up a 1655 today (with the added $15.00 - $20.00 LightScribe surcharge), or waiting a few weeks for the 1650 to arrive.

i bought the benq1655 and it works, just needs updated firmware. heck, last night i took away business from compusa by telling a person to buy the benq drive over the sony. hehe i hate compusa anyway, they sell that crap media memorex. i use verbatim. benq is good, once enuff complaints roll in they will update

Thats hilarious, I work at COmpusa, and yes they do suck…, but on the contrary at least twice a wk, I down sell to a customer. Our dvd-burner with compusa’ name on it, is a rebagged dw1640. How sweet is that. Im not sure what firmware it is, but crazy… Also the dvd-rom compusa drive is an Aopen AAP Pro, however that is 1.02 firmware so a 3rd party patcher was neccasary to go to the sweet 1.04,(this is the AAP pro drive that seems to not truly be available at leats in black anymore), (both drives come with interchangable plates for color) - Dvd-Rom(AAP Pro) - Burner(DW1640)

The CompUSA-branded DVD burners at the two stores by here were NOT 1640s, since I’ve opened them up. They didn’t have the cooling vents and the eject buttons were circular. Of course, I didn’t go through all the boxes, may be the old stock has been replaced now.