Is benq 1640 the right drive for me?

I need a drive which can burn in very good quality on ritek go5 and especially go4 miniDVD’s. Does benq 1640 burn the ritek in good quality or am I going to look for another drive?
I also need a good dvd-r readability and have heard the 1640 is very good at that point.
I usually burn 2x or 4x. so the speed doesn’t matter.

If there is a better choice please tell me thx.

The BenQ1640 is buy far the best drive that I have ever had. My Liteons can rip faster and are probably more accurate for scanning but never get used for burning. The first problem for me is the requirement to burn Ritek - Basically I don’t consider the Ritek disks available today to be worth using. You also say that you burn at 2X and 4X. BenQ drives do not seem to like to burn so slowly… so not sure what to say. If you could change disk I would simply go for Yuden000 T02 and burn them at 8X… then only problem then is that life will become dull with good burns every time :smiley:

The BenQ 1640 is a very good DVD burner. Your choice of media could be better. Ritek G05 has a history of becomming unreadable after a very short time and you would be well advised to steer clear of Ritek media. Just about any of the newer burners would serve you well. The Lite On 1693 might be one you want to have a look at as well if burning speed is not a concern. Do a forum search for Ritek G05 and I am sure you will come across a few threads that will give others opinions on Ritek media. Hope this helps.:slight_smile:

thx I know about the ritek discs im just stuck with 500. The yuden is hard to get in denmark but of course you can. But the price is twice as high. I have seen a few scans of the 1640 and they look ok. So i think i will go for the 1640.

Kasper-n if you are going to try and burn Ritek GO5 with a BenQ you are going to have a lot of head aches. I tried just about every firmware and haven’t been able to get a good burn with my BenQ 1640 the only burners to burn GO5 half decent I tried were the
Lite-On and LG at low speed. If you still want to buy a BenQ forget about the 500 GO5 and buy some decent media.