Is B7U9 better than B7P9?



Poll time:

Obviously, it depends upon the media, etc, etc.

I have been very happy with P9 (except that, I must burn/read at 8x to get superb results). I have held off upping the FW because of the initial complaints. Is everyone happy now? Has anyone had problems w/ U9 and decided to go back to T9 or P9? Could I expect just as good burns (<200 PIF) at 12x or 16x w/ U9?

Thanks for any comments.



At first I use my drive came with the U9 firmware. After I week I went back to T9. Now pondering if I should try P9…


I think that the overspeed of this drive is… unbelievable.
Check what I posted at WOPC enabled.


I think U9 does quite a good job indeed, more media supported, etc. I have no complaints with U9. T9 for me was better than P9. Obviously, this sounds like it is drive and media dependant. My drive has always liked the newest firmwares though. :slight_smile:


Although one of the better burns, this is in the neighborhood of what I usually get w/ P9 on a TYG02 -R. Of course this burn was at 8x. So I wonder if U9 could do the same thing at 12x or 16x?



What is the new firmware like with Maxell 2x DVD-RW? Or does it not support such low speed discs?