Is Asus DVD-E616A one of the best readers to buy?

I used cheap media a year ago,:o and some are now close to unreadable. I’m trying to save as much of my backups as I can using BenQ 1655 and Lite-On 1673@1693. So far I’m able to recover most of my collection with these two burners, but a couple of the discs are so far unreadable with these two. I also have Pioneer A09XL and NEC 3550A, and they are not really good as readers. I’m thinking of buying the Asus DVD-E616A since I’ve read in couple of posts and one review that it’s has good error correction when it comes to DVDs. I’m also looking at Lite-On SOHD-16P9S since some people have good things to say about it with patched f/w. Anyone with experience to both? I appreciate any input.

Burners are better are error correction, you’ve used 4 burners already, I think thats the best you can do.

I would pick one up. At less than $30 shipped for the retail model you have nothing to lose. Make sure that you get the E616A though as the other Asus 616 models aren’t nearly as good.

I think it is one of the best readers.
a. reads dvd-ram disks
b. this is a good review, especially for copy protected disks:

a. Currently there is no rpc1 firmware
b. Because, I think that it is based on (same as) Pioneer 123 dvd-rom drive, it is not very reliable for pif/pie testing (for example with nero cd-dvd speed program). Pioneer drives can not give comparable error reportings like Benq1640 or Lite-on dvd-writers. If you check reviews of dvd-writers, none of quality checks has been made with an ASUS (indeed Pioneer) drives.
c. firmware upgrade program is windows based, and if you made something wrong you will kill your drive

I have both asus dvde616a reader (Pioneer 123) and, 1608p2s (Pioneer 110) writer. But I see bad results when checking pif/pie of my freshly written verbatim 16x dvd+r and dvd-r disks. So if I know this situation, i would buy Benq 1640 as an error-checker and second drive instead of asus e616a

check this forum thread for more info:

@vagus - I have the Lite-On and BenQ for scanning so my main purpose for the Asus is getting to read discs not readable by either the Litey or the BenQ. And that was the review I read. Other than Blu Ray, it reads everything so it may fit may purpose.

@Jesterrace - I checked newegg, and its cheaper than the other models, so I may just go ahead and order it. Worst scenario I can’t read these bad discs, but I have a good reader for ripping and watching movies in my computer.:slight_smile: Thanks for all the input.

It would definitely be good for reading and watching movies on the PC as unlike the Lite-On you won’t be fighting the horrid noise (The Asus has Quiettrack technology). @vagus, while you do make good points I think it is unfair to talk about it as a scanner since no DVD-ROM drive is reliable for scanning. Only certain DVD Burners do well with this. Those who usually buy these DVD-ROM drives are well aware of this but we choose to purchase them for other resons. I understand where you are coming from though.