Is Ashampoo any good? Why copy DVD to CD?

I am using a program called Ashampoo, which shrinks and copies a DVD file to CD. Is this a good program? What is the advantage to copy to a CD instead of a DVD?

As a loyal Ashampoo customer-I’m biased :slight_smile: Their products do exactly what they say and quite well IMO. I do not have the shrink program , but those I do use work flawlessly. The difference between CD and DVD is capacity and technical. The file size and output quality you shrink will determine which type of disc is better for your purposes. Personally, I copy DVD-DVD and CD-CD. If you have DVD program files that can be shrunk, without loss of quality, then go ahead and put them on CD. Just my humble input.

have never used their shrink app but i have used their burning app and it works quite well…no complaints…kind of an alternative to nero…i think is uses less RAM also

if u try and shrink a movie down to a cd…the quality won’t be as crisp as if u were to put it on dvd…divx/xvid looks pretty damn good at 700 mb’s but the source…i.e…the dvd…has to look good also…you could have an older movie that has never been redone…remastered and it was just put out to market for sales…shrink that from dvd to cd and see the quality…it stinks…shrink a digitally redone dvd and the quality is quite remarkable

i personally would just go from dvd to dvd…the discs are about the same price nowadays and the visual quality will be much better

I am new to Ashampoo and the whole file recording scene. I would prefer to record to DVD as the media is far cheaper. However I can only get Ashampoo to record to CD. Is this program capable of recording to DVD? Any help here much appreciated.

There are plenty of free programs that do DVD backups. DVD Decrypter and DVDFab Decrypter for de-CSS, macrovision removal, and arccos removal. DVD Shrink and/or DVD-Rebuilder (free version) for transcoding/reencoding. Ripit4Me is an integrator program for those freeware progs, but I recommend getting familiar with the individual steps to the process so you can self-diagnose in the future if anything goes wrong.

I downloaded a trial version today, because I wanted to convert .avi to dvd files. After about 15 minutes, it gave me the .vob, but was missing .ifo and .bup.

from avi to dvd…u want an app called…Avi2Dvd…its free and works well.Click here to get it

from dvd to dvd…use dvd shrink as others have mentioned…youll need an encryptrion remover so get the free also ript4me as mentioned above works well and the new copy protections schemes get updated frequently.Go to and go to the guides section and there are tons of tutorials on starting out…go the tools section and there are a myriad of apps that are free that can do it all…just type in what u wanna do…“avi to dvd” or use the drop down box…gives you all kinds of file conversion options

marcmhall: Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 does DVD very well. I am using it with my Sony 820 without any issues. I use Verbatim -R and they are fine. Are you sure that your burner is actually a DVD recorder? Brand and model would be helpful to us as well.