Is anyone still using a 2x burner?

Hi, I’m stull using my Apple SuperDrive - Pioneer DVD-104 2x(?) to burn using Tauyo Yuden 8x media (GGXXXXXX). Is there any reason why discs burnt with an older burner would be less compatible with various DVD players?

8X media is is optimized for burning at 8X. Burning as slow as 2X would be a disaster.

2x will only work with good media like yout TY.
All others can only burnt at 1x.

It just depends on the media and how well it happens to work with the burner’s default write strategy. It’s probably just about as much a matter of luck in getting good results as it is the quality of media when burning high speed media at slow speeds in an old burner with no proper firmware support.

Worse! - unless the firmware is hacked to do “2x4all”, it could default to 1x, on codes which are too recent to be included.
I thought the Superdrive was a Panasonic, not a Pioneer - I seem to recall

PS. How are DVD-recorders going to manage, if there ends up being no good 1x media, or do they buffer and burst, since in LP/SLP modes, they are below 1x.

It is a pioneer drive and according to apple’s website there is no fimware update required for high speed media. My belief was that with a 2x burner and 8x discs the burner would simply burn at 1x which I figured couldn’t be a bad thing as a slower burn speed should equal more reliable discs. And the fact is I’ve basically never had a failed burn, it’s just that the 8x TY discs that I’m currently using don’t seem to be as compatible in various DVD players as the 4x discs that I had were.

That may seem to make sense, but in reality higher speed media is optimized for high burning speeds, and burning 8x and 16x media at 1-4x often results in very poor burns.

If a DVD says it’s 1-16x shouldn’t you be able to burn it at 1x.

It’s not always the media.
Some stand-alone recorders can record 16x media like MCC or TY very well at 1x, 2x or 4x.
The burners don’t have the slow speeds properly implemented.

Not all burners will allow burning at 1x. :bigsmile:
1~16x is more of a marketing gag. Strictly spoken it should be 2~16x, 2.4~16x or even 4~16x, as virtually no current burners do 1x burning.
But 2~16x doesn’t look as good as 1~16x does, right? If the average newbie is confronted with 1~16x and 2~16x media, he will go for the 1~16x media, even if his drive at home does 16x perfectly. He just likes being safe and not having purchased something wrong. :bigsmile:

Doesn’t the ~ look cute?

I still have my Pioneer DVR-104/A04 in an Apple G4 Tower, and it burns just about ANY media at 2x, and quite well.

The key is that you need to cross-flash the drive from an Apple Superdrive into a genuine Pioneer drive using a program called DVRFlash. The Apple specific firmware is a complete piece of crap, but once cross-flashed, you can even burn 16x disks at 2x in the 104.



Wrong and wrong.

  1. Yes, you need a firmware upgrade, or rather a cross-grade. The Apple supplied firmware sucks and will give you lousy burns. You need to cross-flash your drive to a genuine OEM Pioneer using DVRFlash.

  2. With the official Pioneer firmware, you can burn anything at 2x. To check, I just popped a CMC MAG AM3 disk into my drive (HP 16x -R), fired up Toast, and tried to burn a DVD. It defaulted to 2x speed. Even new burners have poor support for AM3, so I know I can burn 2x with anything else.

Don’t give useless info please, if you have something to say then give proof.

I have an DVR-104, so I should know what it can or not…

Office Depot brand 8x DVD-R burned at 2x in a Pioneer DVR-104:

I didn’t mean that it was specifically media related, sorry if I worded that improperly. I know well that some high speed media burns well at slow speeds, that’s why I said it OFTEN burns poorly at slow speeds. In fact MOST high speed media burns well at ‘realtime’ in my Pioneer DVD Recorder, standalone recorders are much better optimized for slow recording speeds with high speed media compared to DVD Burners.

it seems difficult to get any hard and fast answers in this field. Compatibility of a burnt DVD discs seems to depend on too many variables like, media, burn speed, drive, application used, DVD player used for playback etc… I think this is why we need some better standards.

anyone can do this by using one of the hacked firmwares…
But for APPLE SUPERDRIVES there are no such firmwares.

Yes, there is. I’m running OFFICIAL PIONEER firmware version 1.40 on an APPLE SUPERDRIVE DVR-A04 that was CROSS-FLASHED (I already mentioned this multiple times) into an OEM PIONEER DVR-104 drive. This is EASY to do using a program called DVRFLASH!!! Google it!!!

I just burned that test disk on my older G4 tower using TOAST under OS X!!!

I repeat, forget about Apple supplied firmware! It’s crap and Apple should have been sued for their poor support when the drive was first released!!! I repeat, forget about hacked firmware! Hacked firmware is completely UNNECESSARY!! Hacked firmware ain’t shit!!! The OFFICIAL PIONEER firmware 1.40 supports 2x burning on ALL 8x and 16x media. PERIOD!!! NO NEED FOR HACKED FIRMWARE!!! PERIOD!!! QUALITY BURNS!!! PERIOD!!!