Is anyone keeping track of when movies are added to the supported list?


Is anyone keeping track of when titles are added to the supported list? I’m looking at, and it’s hard to tell because they are listed by release date. There are at least two titles on the list as of right now that I own, but I swear weren’t previously on the list.

Also, another question: if a disc is not currently supported, does it help to send any information to the developers? Is it automatically sent? I’m pretty sure when I only had the trial and tried Fantastic Beasts, it popped up a window asking for the name of the title, but now it just says “unsupported disc”.

Read first: DeUHD Frequently Asked Questions

Oh hey, I answered my own question. On the right side of the list is the date support was added. 13 discs were added today. This portends good things to come…


It’s confusing because they organize it by disc release date rather than disc support added date.


Send unsupported disc AACS folder:


That form has no attachment option. Is there a direct e-mail address?