Is anyone here clued up on "ImgTool"

Not the classic version, the one that actually burns to DVD, V1.004

I had to re-install today after a bad crash this morning and now the thing refuses to load :confused:

It was fine before and I’m using the same version of Windows [XP Pro with SP1], the same ASPI drivers etc…
I can’t figure out what has gone wrong?

I really like this tool and I have had problems with RecordNowMax, Nero, Prassi for making DVD films.

Any help please?


In your uninstall process did you clean and check any leftover parts of it in registry? Did you uninstall on auto and then have to delelte files that software sometimes leaves in folders? Did you reboot before installing again? What do you mean by crash… system hang, blue screen, program freeze, XP freezes?.. please specify.

By crash I mean, “blue screen of death” everytime I booted up! Could not get into HD for love nor money :frowning:
I have now ghosted an image accross to my second drive, so if it happens again…I’ll be ready :slight_smile:

Anyway, its sorted now, from what I can gather from other people, ImgTool will not work with the latest version of Nero [], but if you go back to version, everything is fine! Soemthing to do with the changes in the API file.

Oh well, what does the newer Nero have to offer anyway right. Next time try booting into safe mode and uninstalling it before ghosting everything. Might save some time and agony.