Is anyone here celebrating May The 4th (Be With You)?

With a site like this, there must be nerds here. Heck, that’s why I come as often as I do!:cool:

I’m currently at work listening to the sound tracks. When I get home I will be watching a documentary entitled Star Wars: An Empire of Dreams.

Any other Star Wars fans out there? If so what (if anything) are you doing (or planning to do) on this great unofficial holiday? Any Star Wars marathons, cosplays, ect. going on?

We played OHIO today in memory. Does that count?

Well… yes. :wink:

Yes I did ,it was my mother’s birthday ,and a matter of fact she was out of this world.

(maybe it was the alzheimer’s)

Anyone out there with plans for Revenge of the 6th? After all, it’s never a bad time for Star Wars!