Is anyone familiar with Video Enhancer?

I downloaded this program with the sole purpose of trying to restore an old dvd
movie that was recorded on VHS. The program has various settings for video and audio and I have tried various combination’s of codecs, but nothing seems to work. If anyone has used this program with any success, please post how you did it. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
thanks, foghat

Can you get your money back? This reminds me of the old saw “you can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear”. Unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and software to restore this movie, why not search around and see if you can purchase it somewhere. They mention using VirtualDub filters on their website which is odd, given that VirtualDub is freeware and this is a commercial product.

If your VHS video is protected with macrovision, then you are gonna have a few problems.

Something like this should solve it