Is anyone else having problems copying Thief 3?

I have made a couple of coasters and now it’s time to ask for some help. I am using a plextor premium firmware 1.5 and the newest version of blinwrite. The copy I made will not install correctly. It just keeps giving me an error saying that “ failed crc check”. At first this looks like the disk has a problem with it, like maybe it was burned incorrectly, but I have discovered that this is actually part of their new copy protection. Usually securerom just checks the disk when you try to run the game but now it appears that they also do a check at the installation too. What is really weird is that this copy I made will run the game just fine, it just wont install it. Anyone made a successful copy?

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Actually it is only DISK 2 that is giving me problems. Disk 1 and disk 3 work fine but disk 2 won’t work for some reason. It will get part of the way through disk 2 and then quit with an error message.

Well I finally figured it out on my own. What I did is I used Blindwrite tweaker and for the second disk I did not extract the sub-channel data or audio and I did not extract topology. I did the read and write at 4x and it works perfectly now. I really love this plextor premium. I think the problem was before I used the tweaker program blindwrite was extracting the topology which is not needed for the 2nd disk. Now I have a perfect 100% working copy of the game. Blindwrite/Plextor is a great combination.