Is anydvd the only option



…to backup copy protected dvds? I have used the free trial version-which has now run out- and it is very expensive to buy the full version. Any other options?


Try to use dvd decrypter with the plugin


DVDFab Decrypter? Haven’t used it much as DVD Decrypter has always worked great for me.


DVDFab Decrypter, DVD Decrypter (won’t work with some of the latest discs), DVD43.


Downloadad dvdfab, but Nero still cant copy it… says cannot open css file? Guess there’s a reason why you can’t get for Anydvd free… it’s pretty good and they work hard to stop people ‘acquiring’ it?!


Have you tryied the plugin? It’s free and it works with latest titles too :wink:


Plugin? I’m afraid your trying to help someone who is pretty much a computer dyslexic. Plug in for what? Does it make backing up copy protected dvd’s possible with Nero?


Follow the link on post #2 by geno888. That has the guide and the link for the plugin. And Nero will not help you defeat the copy protection. It will just burn the image or the files on the hard disk after the dvd is ripped successfully using either DVD Decrypter + Plugin, DVDFab or something else.


Read my previous post: I posted you a link with a very detailed step-to-step instructions.

Plugin is full automatized. You need only to press the “next” button for each step and to insert the disc on your drive.

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The link in post 2 doesn’t work for me (it just keeps trying to load the page but never loads, I guess I’ll have to try again later). Personally. I think anydvd is the best you can get and well worth the money (you can get a 5$ or 10$ discount, cannot remember which, as a cdfreaks member, I’ll find it if you like). Dvd decryptor was defanatlly the best free one till they got shut down. I like to have all the free tools avalable though (dvd decryptor, dvd fab vob blanker and a couple of others if I recall right, I dont use them much). Often if I have a problem movie, I just go through all the free programs and sooner or later something works (sometimes in conjunction with anydvd).


Just checked and it works. Server was down for a couple of minutes, but now it works again.


Thanks, it works for me too now.

I’m going to read through it all, but in the mean time, does anyone know if it is good for macrovision ripguard, or just sony arccos? the reason that I ask ( a little conspiracy therory here)
I had a movie a week or two ago, that would not copy with with anydvd and nero or clonedvd. It would not rip with anydvd ripper either. Anydvd version was 5.4??? If I recall right, the latest version at the time (I know there is a newer version now and have it). With anydvd running in the background, dvd decryptor copied it just fine, and the copy worked with nero and clonedvd (tried both out of curosity). Dvd decryptor reported removing macrovision protection? Forgive me if I am being retarded, but what macrovision protection did dvd decryptor remove if not ripguard? Fyi this was the dvd decryptor info window, not the anydvd one.
Is it possible info on ripguard got leeked, the author of dvd decryptor got ahold of it, incorperated some of it into dvd decryptor, macrovision found out, and busted him? It’s not like they went after anyone else but dvd decryptor… Maybe there are some hidden capabilities for ripguard in dvd decryptor…
Again, just uninformed wild guessing here (I’m probably way off), but I kind of got me thinking about it…