Is AnyDVD support Pioneer 120S

I just wonder is AnyDVD support pioneer 120S reader with max 16x read speed ? I just want to know before I download and try AnyDVD.
Any help appreciated, thanks

Yes, as long as your drive is capable of reading DVDs.
Just download and try it out - this won’t harm your knowledge.

Thanks, Boskin
I have DL latest version and tryout (21Days), I don’t see any improved ripping speed ? It’s ripping at 2x-3x never go higher than that, I use to ripped with DVDshrink or DVDdecryter at 6x-8x. What should I do to make it read faster ? I already set at recommended, thanks again.

I get 6x-8x ripping speed with my 120S and AnyDVD. It will not get faster, why should it?

I found the problem is my IDE controller need to update and I did update every thing work excellent now I can rip at 6x-8x, I will buy buy AnyDVD very soon
Thanks Olli