Is any update firmware?

i have toshiba notebook with dvd-ram UJ-850S firmware 1.21…i just wonder is any update firmware for my drive, i have checked and searched forum also with google but i have found nothing so far unless for UJ-850U…
is any update firmware for UJ-850S?
i not sure what make my drive alsway pause 3 to 7 seconds when play dvd by POWERDVD 7 with windows vista sp1 ULTIMATE edition. ( does not matter with media i used, i tried with back up and original dvd still have same problem, dvd alsway pause 4 to 8 seconds at 7 mins playtime and after that it’s goes as normal until end of movie, is this issue with firmware or software ? but anyway i want to update my drive firmware. anyone can lead me to where to download latest firmware? i have checked with toshiba but i have found nothing…
thanks in advance…:sad::eek:


optical drives in notebooks have customized firmware, so the only source for newer firmware is the support department of your notebook manufacturer.
Also, firmware support for notebook drives is poor in most cases, especially with Panasonic drives.

The problem you describe might be software related, so try VLC Player and see if that works.


thank you, it’s just work fine with another software (windvd,showtime,vlc,…)except for POWERDVD, i’m now upgrade to version 8 of POWERDVD may this version can fix this problem…once again thanks.