Is any possible to create a patcher for lite-on

is any possible to create a patcher for lite-on’s writer to select CD-R write speed ? :bigsmile:

I have LTC-48161H-KH0R&LDW-411@811S-HS0R CD&DVD writer;

and i want to backup the music cd on CD-R with burn speed at 1x & 2x !

but with the latest firmware i can’t to select the CD-R burn speed at 1x & 2X… it’s just only can be select 4x(LTC-48161H) & 8x(LDW-411@811S) at limit burn speed.

so…could anyone to crate a patcher for the lite-on’s writer to patch the

CD-R burn speed… :bow: :bow: :bow:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Sorry no, you can’t burn below those speeds with those drives. A patcher wouldn’t solve the problem. Buy some different media that supports the higher speeds. It’s not expensive these days. :wink:

thanks for you reply!

but i want to burn it at lower speed (like 1X or 2X)not to burn it at higher speeds…

so…is still any possible to create a patcher to patch the firmware to select CD-R

burning speed(maybe can be select low or high speed)?!

C0deKing :

Thanks for your reply ! :slight_smile:

Maybe my english is not good enough! :confused:

My really meaning is want to burn the CD-R media at lower speed under 4X speed.

Because i want to get the more good audio quality on backup audio cd disks.

And hope it can like before used the older CD-R recorder to burn it at 1x or 2x speed.

Sorry for my eglish meaning mistake cause your understanding! :bow:

Yes I understood you, but because your drives cannot burn below 4x/8x you have no option but to use quality CD-R media that is capable of being burned well at 4x/8x. Using the right media, you should be able to get excellent quality, at these speeds. Your drives cannot burn below the min speeds and sorry, a patch is not possible.

You will not get better quality at a lower speed. Actually, you are likely to have lower quality because the drive’s firmware and the media are both optimized for higher speed.

I agree with last post. However if you’re looking for a slow-burning recorder for your music CD’s you’re better off with a standalone stereo CD Recorder. Or if you’re skeptical about your CD reader getting close to 100% quality, try using Exact Audio Copy (EAC). When it’s configured properly, it works great and the best part is… it’s FREE! When its done ripping, you get a report and I’ve been able to spot skips & scratches with it using my DW-U18A@832 (if and when they occur).

I have used the EAC to backup the music cd…

But i don’t think it’s a good burning software…(it’s a excellent audio track grab software …but it’s not compatible with the external device well…like USBˋ1394…so i don’t like to use it…becasue my VAIO laptop DVD combo drive could not read the CCCD music CD :a i cannot but use the external drive to listen or to grab the music )

Now i use the cd manipulator to backup CCCD music CD!

It’s also free and easy to use :wink:

By the way; is there any other burning software can use the EAC’s image file to burn on CD-R media?