Is any of these media any good?

Since a couplf of days, the CD Freaks webshop sells SKS and LeadData DVD-R media for very good prices (17.50 euro/25 pcs). I just can’t figure out wether to buy any of them or just leave them be.

I found quite some scans on the board, but none of them where burned with a 1300a so I don’t know what to expect. The only thing I found was that some LeadData media gave very bad PI results with a 2500a. Considering the fact that the 2500a is a way better burner than the 1300a is, I’m quite worried this won’t be working out… but… on the other hand… who knows what media is underneath the LeadData print?

Most probably, the SKS media is produced by Ritek. Can anybody confirm this?

Thanx in advance!

Lead Data is Lead Data (ID: LEADDATA01).

These normally work at 2x in ND-1300A and if you are lucky -sometimes at 4x (without giving a power calibration error).

The bad thing is that they often ends up unreadable at the end - even when written at 2x - with the ND-1300A.

I don’t know the SKS ones - maybe mail the cdfreaks shop and ask for the media ID?

Thanx… now I know that LeadData is no option…

I’ll be looking into the SKS discs…