Is any drive known to have superior performance ripping scratched discs?

I’ve been ripping some audio discs using EAC. Some of these discs are very badly scratched (I bought/obtained them used). I’ve tried Digital Innovation’s SkipDr. (motorized version), and that has allowed a few tracks to be copied without errors which couldn’t be before, there are still some tracks, and some whole discs, that simply continue to have errors, even after running the disc through the SkipDr. several times.

I have two optical drives: a Toshiba SD-M1612, and a TDK CDRW241040X. As you can tell, I haven’t bought a new optical drive in a long time. Since it is about time (or way past overdue!) for a new optical drive, anyway, I’m wondering if there is any particular drive that is known to produce better results when reading scratched discs than other drives. In fact, this is so important to me that I’m willing to consider not only new drives, but also any past model that I would have to hunt for on eBay or whatever. (I’m wondering if maybe an actual CD-ROM drive might be better at reading CDs than any type of DVD drive?)

Firstly if a disc is that badly scratched no drive will read it. I do know that LiteOn drives have a bit of a reputation for reading bad discs though.

You have a few options, try a program such as isobuster, that may be able to recover the information.

It is also possible to ‘polish’ out the scratches, but I would use this as I last resort. My favourite way is to use diamond lapping paste (for finishing tools) but anything alightly abrasive should work (toothpaste, Brasso metal polish) - but I stress, it should be used as a last resort only!!

and older thread about this is:

i’m using a Plextor Premium drive to rip my music, it’s awesome! not the fastest, but accurate. also discs on which my other drives gave up were readable on the plextor - but, this drive has it’s (high) price…

So far, sounds as though the Plextor Premium or LiteOn 52327S are the two contendors…

The Plextor Premium retail version (with software) is currently $67 at Not a lot of money per se, unless you consider it’s just a CD-RW drive…But if it works, it’ll be worth it.

I think a Plextor TS-32 and 40 is also a good one, but surely n/a anymore.