Is any burning software capable of integrating password protection on compilation?

The purpose is that I wanted to make a data,music,and video CD’s but wanted it to be password protected so as that only those person who knows the password can open the content of the CD.

Any useful productive input on this and if so could you include the name of the software, and the link (if possible)? I await the responses. Thanks in advance.

Seems this answer doesn’t exist, maybe I should research and design my own? Maybe I could make millions if I could pull it off.

Or perhaps I will check back at a later date.

Thanks to those who viewed the thread… :slight_smile:

this type of software exists. here’s one example. it’s only good for data discs though; it’d be impossible to password protect things like audio cds and video dvds and still have them work properly (since standalone players don’t exactly have a prompt to enter a password).

Seems like you may have something new for the developers of our most widley used software media players to invest their time in creating, my friend.

WoW, what a concept! Seems anything is possible if we could think it. Surely it can be done. Because all great inventions start with ideas and concepts. Thanks for the input AZ, I never thought of it that way. That is, In reply to (since standalone players don’t exactly have a prompt to enter a password)… TY AZ

if you want to password a cd the easyest way would be to zip it all and add a password to the zip, however there are several zip password cr@cking programs around so make sure to choose a password with a mix of caps and numbers like “8hI6B5j” then it will take ages to cr@ck :slight_smile:

Thanks bcn_246 what you stated is correct. I’ve also found programs that will allow me to encrypt Folders from being opened. Seems as though I could put whatever type of file or files with whatever type of file format I wanted to into that folder. Then burn the folder(with) the contens onto the cd.

ok, however i must say that zip passwords are easy to crack so if you are worried about hackers getting to your data i would recoment a properly encrypted pen drive (i think you can get 256bit encryption now as 128bit was broken, but 128bit is still very strong and only a few people can break it). :slight_smile: