Is any 52x Sony good?

I’m checking out burners and the only good ones I can get are LG 40 x and up burners and Sony 52x.
I’ve heard that the LGs are good for game burning, but Sony are much better (because they have “three sheep” or a better “two sheep” than usual with that program that checkes out the quality).
I don’t know witch Sony model it is, but I DO know that it’s a 52x bought in Spain.

Should I go for the LG (much better price) or the Sony?

That Sony drive its most likely a Lite-On rebagged. You should prefer it over LG, because LG drives are very picky with media.
The Sony burner its a 120% burner (or 2-sheep, in CloneCD terminology), which means it can correctly encode EFM errors.
Pickup the Sony drive.

sony = lite-on
lite-on = good
therefore, sony = good :bigsmile:
i’ve noticed tho that sony drives sell for more than other lite-on rebadged drives, so if possible, u might want to look into getting a memorex drive (also lite-on) b/c it could be cheaper. to save even more money, u can get a sony/memorex/lite-on 48x24x48 drive and flash it to 52x.