Is an .iso backup supposed to be playable on a PC DVD drive?

I am backing up DVDs using an NEC2500A DVD burner. My media consists of Digital Media 4x DVD+R disks. I use DVD Decrypter to rip, DVD Fab to split, and ImgTool Classic/DVD Decrypter to burn the .iso files onto my blank DVD+R disks.

The resulting disks play fine on multiple stand alone DVD players. However the disks are not recognized on multiple DVD drives attached to PCs, including the NEC2500A.

So my question is this: are .iso files backups supposed to be readable on PC DVDs? Is there a way to make a single backup disk with no compression playable on both PC and standalone DVD drives?

Yes those discs should be fine to play on your PC DVD-ROM/DVDR drives…
What software do you have installed on your PC for DVD playback?
Does windows explorer recognize the disc?
Do you get any error messages?

Windows Explorer does not recognize the disks. I’ve attempted this with a variety of PCs that run Win98 and WinXP. So I’m of the opinion that the DVD player isn’t the issue (I have PowerDVD I believe on one machine and Interactual (sp?) on the others).

When I attempt to access the DVD drive with the backup in the drive (heh, you thought I forgot that part, no?), I get a Windows Explorer error msg something like, “invalid disk”. Will look up the actual msg and post it here.

Thanks for the response wesociety.

I have had the same problem. If you load the .iso file with Daemon Tools or something similar, it will work fine. Hope this helps.

I get a Drive not ready or similar msg when attempting to access the DVD in Windows Explorer.

I’m wondering if Daemon Tools will be able to mount the ISO file if the PC can’t even recognize the drive. Will attempt it tonight.

I think that is the message I got. The drive letter is there, but when you click on it and it says that there is no disc in the drive or something like that. Daemon Tools is able to load for me. I am running XP Home and the drive is external connected through USB 2.0.

OK I have diagnosed the problem. It is media related.

The exact “error” messages I got were: under WinXP - “Insert disk” (it didn’t think a disk was in the drive). Under Win98 - “Drive not ready” (again it didn’t think a disk was in the drive).

So I first tried Daemon Tools as suggested. But as I feared, DT was unable to mount the drive because the OS couldn’t read the risk to load it into the virtual drive.

Next I guessed that perhaps the problem was that my burner was on my Win98 box and that my use of 1 GB file splitting of the ISO file was causing a problem. So I decided to test burn a disk with that option turned off. Since this was a test and I didn’t want to waste a disk, I used a DVD+RW (Memorex) disk. It worked! The disk could be read by both standalone and PC DVD drives.

So I tried the same settings and burned a DVD+R disk. It didn’t work. Same situation (works in standalone, doesn’t work in PCs) as before. That disk was burned at 4x. It occurred to me that the +RW disk would have been burned at 2-2.4x, so I tried another +R (4x rated) disk at 2x burning speed. It worked (in both standalone and PCs).

Conclusion - Digitial Media 4x DVD+RW disks are only partially compatible with the NEC2500A at 4x speed. They work fine at 2x.

Originally posted by macroeconomics
Conclusion - Digitial Media 4x DVD+RW disks are only partially compatible with the NEC2500A at 4x speed. They work fine at 2x.

Interesting… Care to post the mediacode for these “Digital Media” DVD+RW/DVD+R discs?

It is strange that they work in your standalone players when burnt at 4x but not in your DVD-ROM drives.
It may just be a file formatting issue…
You may want to try extracting all the files out of an .ISO and then burning them to a disc at 4x. Maybe your DVD-ROM drives will then be able to recognize the discs…

Wesociety, how do I find the mediacode on the disk?

I purchased the Digital Media disks from For my next batch of DVD media, I decided to test a batch of 4x DVD-R Digital Media disks (also from meritline). So far they have burned fine (works on both standalone and PCs) at 1x and 2x speeds. Will cross my fingers and attempt 4x now.